13: The Musical – The 8 best reactions to the trailer, according to Reddit

The trailer for the new Netflix movie 13: The Musical has been published and Redditors already have strong opinions about it. The 2008 Broadway musical had an original score by renowned contemporary composer Jason Robert Brown, as well as a cast of newcomers that included none other than Ariana Grande.

The new film, one of many recent musicals from Netflix, will be released on the streaming platform on August 12. 13: The Musical follows a young Jewish teenager who throws his Bar Mitzvah party in his new Indiana hometown. Based on the following initial reactions to the trailer alone, there will be heated and even divisive feelings about the new film.


Jason Robert Brown fans are thrilled

Jason Robert Brown has composed a number of critically acclaimed musicals, including The last five years, Paradeand Madison Country Bridges. 13: The Musical can give him the mainstream exposure his die-hard fans have been hoping for.

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Lynchiannightmare25 spoke about it when they wrote, “I just want Jason Robert Brown to have the commercial success he deserves.” One of his other film adaptations, The last five Years, was promising, with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in the lead roles, but it didn’t have the same cultural impact that the show had with musical theater fans.

The original book has issues

A promotional image for 13 the Musical with title and cast

Those familiar with the source material were quick to comment on Reddit about some of the lackluster elements of the original musical’s book that people hope will see improved in the film version. A Redditor described how the characters’ feelings for the female lead, Patrice, don’t make sense: “It’s just a very contrived plot line ‘she’s a NERD and we hate her’ that doesn’t even mimic the cattery well of the college.”

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Perhaps including more dialogue in the film will help add an extra dimension to the characters, especially regarding why Patrice is treated so badly. Even though the film is intended to be fun and lighthearted, the characters’ motivations are important and it’s quite one-dimensional to portray bullies with little reasoning behind their actions. This Redditor will have to wait to see if the characters have, in fact, received additional layers.

Trailer Suggests Script Changes

13 the musical Netflix

The trailer for the summer release of 13 seems to suggest that screenwriter Robert Horn updated the story to be set in the present day. It doesn’t drastically change the story, although some Reddit users have noticed slight changes in the trailer alone.

The most obvious change is that in the original musical, no adults appear on stage. The trailer, however, features several adult characters, including Rabbi Shapiro (Josh Peck) and Evan’s mother (Debra Messing). Successful_Tale_9334 is “already upset with any changes to the book/script”, although this is common for particularly theatrical musicals like 13 be significantly edited for cinematic form.

It looks like a Disney Channel Original Movie

Disney Channel Original Tagline

Many fans expressed their disapproval of the production value of 13: The Musical, unfavorably comparing the trailer to a Disney Channel original movie. Spoilz replied bluntly with humor: “Oof. [This is] giving the Disney Channel Original Movie budget level.”

Several other Redditors made the same comparison. To be fair, the original 13 was written around the same time as the original musical high school films, which were wildly popular and launched the careers of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Perhaps these users are not just reacting to the value of the production, but they may also be reacting to the tone and mood of a piece crafted in the heyday of Disney Channel Original Movies.

Children really look like children

A frequent criticism of teen movies and TV shows includes the casting of older actors playing younger roles. It has become common practice, but younger audiences often find it hard to relate to characters who are supposed to be their age but look much older. It was a common criticism of the Ryan Murphy series, Joy.

PlentyNectarine responded favorably to the 13 trailer, saying “Actually, I think it looks cute! I love that they have real kids that LOOK like kids. Even when I was a kid, I felt like that kids on TV and in movies never looked like kids.” This relatability factor is key to the success of a project and it lends a sense of authenticity to the portrayal of youth on screen.

Teen culture has changed

Zendaya as Street at the carnival

A lot has changed since 2008, when the original 13 created. In fact, content featuring young people is considerably different in Gen-Z culture than what was common for millennials. Redditor Oscarfan addresses this point, writing, “I’m curious how this is happen; teenage culture has changed a plot in so little time.”

Shows like the Emmy nominees Euphoria contain frank and disturbing depictions of adolescence. With this in mind, while it is clear that the target demographic group for 13 has changed, what remains uncertain is whether this audience will respond well to a soft and pleasant depiction of adolescent youth.

People want an Ariana Grande cameo

Ariana Grande judge on the voice

It didn’t take long for the Reddit thread on 13: The Musical to turn into a discussion of Ariana Grande, who had one of her first gigs in the original Broadway production. Grande played Charlotte, a cheerleader and member of the school’s “cool band” of friends. Although her role was relatively minor, she provided lead vocals for the final number “Brand New You”.

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The trailer for 13: The Musical featured no cameos from the original cast, much to the chagrin of Grande fans. January1171 wonders “if Ariana is going to be involved in any way with this, or the press campaign.” You’d think a nod to the pop star would be a smart way to bring massive publicity and attention to the movie, but maybe Grande is busy getting ready for the movie. Nasty film.

Netflix is ​​on a roll with musicals

Andrew Garfield in Tick Tick... Boom!

Redditor ObviousDetail2887 said it best when expressing that between 13: The Musical and the new film version of Matilda, with Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchbull, “Netflix is ​​on musical roll.” These two upcoming films are the latest in a recent trending genre for the streaming service.

Netflix has found success with big budget musicals like Ryan Murphy’s Prom in 2020, and even more recently, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first film, Tick, tick… Boom! The latter film earned two Oscar nominations, including Best Actor for Andrew Garfield. 13: The Musical may not be awards bait, but given the genre’s success for Netflix, time will tell.

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