8 Best Musical Moments On “Stranger Things” – Billboard

stranger things has always been recognized for his attention to detail, and his musical choices are no exception. Whether enhancing the emotional texture of a scene, foreshadowing future events, or simply paying homage to the 1980s, the series’ handpicked soundtrack songs rarely serve as mere background music. background – and most often, play the main role of their own.

And that doesn’t begin to cover the power of the show’s original score, composed by SURVIV E’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. ultra spooky “Upside Down” pattern – were a factor in setting up stranger things apart from its sci-fi horror predecessors, and established the show as an extraordinary tastemaker for film music.

But while the show’s original score often subtly infiltrates the shadows and quietly amplifies the intensity of a scene, it’s the songs from the soundtrack that score a lot of stranger things‘ most memorable moments.

“One of the wonders of stranger things it’s that he has a way of connecting each of the songs to his multi-generational audience around the world in a very unique way,” the show’s longtime music supervisor, Nora Felder, previously said. Billboard. “It reflects the power of a meaningful and timeless song – and how its meaning can be revived and reimagined when married to a remarkable story such as stranger things.”

Take a nostalgic trip through eight of our favorites stranger things musical moments below: