A musical revelation in the traditional Pahari folk industry by Inder Jeet & ISur Studio.

Inder Jeet is known as a very popular Himalayan singer, actor, lyricist and composer. He has a great contribution to save and promote Himachali culture and to bring Himachali culture in the country and abroad.

Inder Jeet was born on March 12, 1992 in the inaccessible place Doghari of Kullu district. He liked to sing songs since childhood. He completed his government school education. Senator Sec. Shalang School. He started his career in 2010 with the debut album “Dil Ka Kya Kasoor”, which people didn’t like very much. After that, Inder Jeet released her second album “Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya” in 2012, which was highly praised by people. He got a lot of recognition from this album.
Due to personal reasons, there was no way to pursue a career in singing despite Inder Jeet having a good identity. Inder Jeet comes from a middle class family. At that time, no one supported Inder Jeet to advance in this field. It was very difficult to have a singing career in Himachal Pradesh because the language changes after 2 km in Himachal. At that time, the trend of Himachali songs was over in Himachal Pradesh. No one wanted to listen and watch himachali songs. Because no one was working at the highest level on the videos. None of the artists wanted to take the risk, as the source of income was very less in Himachali songs.

Inder Jeet has always been fascinated by its typical himachali culture. He wanted to work his Himachali culture at a good level and wanted to take Himachali culture in the country and abroad. This task was not so easy but Inder Jeet did not give up. And it’s been determined that whether the destination is reached or not, it doesn’t matter now. Until then, I will still work on my Himachali culture.
After taking a 3 year hiatus, Inder Jeet set up his business and started making traditional Kullu songs. Then Mr. Suresh Sur, Director of iSur Studios and Inder Jeet started to work together on typical Himalayan culture. Faced many difficulties but Inder Jeet never looked back. He mainly portrays the Himachali culture in his videos. Such as old houses, beautiful places in Himachal, Himachal clothes, kullvi topi, dhattu, wool coat, old time clothes. He also included the villagers in his videos. Different types of Himachali caps have been designed in order to increase the trend of Kullvi Topi all over the country as well as foreign countries. Inder Jeet composed all types of himachali songs but he kept the himachali culture in every song. After that, Inder Jeet started making song after song and got a lot of love from people. Inder Jeet’s songs started trending on YouTube. His songs started getting millions of views on YouTube. Those who disliked watching Himachali songs are now eagerly waiting for the release of new Inderjeet songs. Inderjeet’s songs are now seen and listened to in the country and abroad. Inder Jeet changed the trend of Himachali songs. Inder Jeet gave many good messages for society through his songs. As of today’s date, famous folk singer Himachali Inder Jeet has become an inspiration to the youth and reigns in the beating of millions of hearts.
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