Anya, aka Lila Coogan, joins GMC’s performance of ‘Anastasia: The Musical’ | News

In no time, Lila Coogan, who played Anya in the North American touring production of “Anastasia: The Musical” from 2018 to 2020, arrived Friday at the Georgia Military College Prep School campus to be part of school production. of this same show.

Coogan, 28, led an acting workshop for students on Friday, then performed a song with the actors during the encore of the evening’s presentation.

“I was asked to go out and work with the kids doing ‘Anastasia,'” Coogan said. “I’m so delighted to be here. I’m going to watch them play.

“The most important thing I want kids to take away (from the workshop) is ways to build their confidence and fall more in love with the theatrical process, to encourage them to nurture their creativity.”

Coogan began working professionally in theater at age 13 when she starred in “Mary Poppins,” so she said she learned more “on the job” than through such workshops.

“I’m so grateful that things like this exist now so they can meet people,” Coogan said. “Even if they don’t live in New York or grew up in the city.”

“Mary Poppins” was an “incredible experience” playing Jane Banks. Doing theater has also helped her develop as a human being, to learn the things she enjoys and what she wants to do outside of theatre.

“I grew up just outside of town (Ossining) so it was easy for me to get into town and do my shows,” she said. “Since then, I have been in love with the theatre.

“I’ve worked with some incredible legends and I’m so honored to have done this. The composer and lyricist of (‘Anastasia’) are incredible human beings who have been a part of my life since I was 13 and nurtured my creativity in a wonderful way. Our director Darko (Tresnjak) is an incredible artist with whom I loved working. I had the chance to work with incredible people in the field.

“When you decide to be an artist, you make a lot of sacrifices. You can’t have vacations with your family. You work weekends. In a way, it teaches you what matters and who matters.

Coogan’s tour with “Anastasia” began in October 2018, but ended in March 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID was difficult for a lot of artists,” she said. “We have lost what we used to have as a platform for our creativity. It taught us to nurture our creativity without the outlet we were used to.

“I think Broadway is finally hitting its stride … coming back strong now, which is so refreshing to see. We will still have to live with (COVID), but we no longer have to stop our lives.