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Baku, January 4, AZERTAC

A music album of “Balaban-Mysterious Musical Heritage” has been released with financial support from the Azerbaijani Diaspora Support Fund.

The project is designed to promote musical culture, history, folk songs and Azerbaijani composers, as well as national musical instruments. The project leaders are the talented performer of Balaban living in Turkey, Alafsar Rahimov, doctor of musical arts, professor Jamila Hasanova, while the musical editor of the project is Hilal Beyazit, the producer has a doctorate in science of l art Vugar Humbatov and designer is Kamran Najafov.

The album also contains information in English about the traditional musical instrument – the balaban as well as performances included on the CD album.

The balaban is an ancient wind musical instrument of the Azerbaijani people. The word “balaban” consists of two semantic syllables: “bala” (small) and “ban” (voice), meaning the deep voice which corresponds to the timbre of the instrument. The balaban has great technical and artistic expressive characteristics. Therefore, as the most versatile instrument, it is widely used in various orchestras, ensembles, as well as in solo performances at festivals and weddings.

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