Barry Manilow misses opening night of new musical after testing positive for COVID-19

Barry Manilow must have missed attending the opening night of his new off-Broadway musical Harmony Wednesday evening after testing positive for COVID-19.

The singer released a “heartbroken” statement on Twitter before the performance which read, “This may be the cruellest thing that has ever happened to me: 25 years of waiting for this show to premiere in New York and I can’t attend.” But although Manilow was unable to attend the first performance of his musical, the show went ahead as planned at the National Yiddish Theater Folksbiene at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City. He urged fans to go enjoy the show on his behalf, final, “Even in the face of this pandemic, we New Yorkers are still the toughest, most dedicated people on the planet — so put on a mask and go see a show!” The musical, which he wrote with his longtime collaborator Bruce Susanfollows a sextet of German singers and the dilemmas its Jewish members face as the Nazi Party takes power in the 1930s.

Last Saturday, Manilow also had to cancel his concert at Westgate’s International Theater in Las Vegas at the last minute after catching a cold. Hotel officials said the abrupt cancellation of the show was due to “unforeseen circumstances”, notifying the public about 15 minutes before show time that the event was cancelled. On Sunday, Manilow’s husband and manager, Garry Kieffsay it Las Vegas Review-Journal that the singer “felt better”, attributing his poor health to “probably just a cold, sore throat, congested”.

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