Black Box will audition for two musical premieres in Quebec

The Black Box Theater in Moline offers two regional premieres, in August and December. Auditions for “Ride the Cyclone” and “All Is Calm” will take place in May.

“Ride the Cyclone” is a 2016 musical with music, lyrics and book by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell, and tells the story of the members of the St. Cassian High School Chamber Choir in Uranium City, Saskatchewan, who perish on a faulty roller coaster. called “The Cyclone”.

The musical “Ride the Cyclone” tells the story of Canadian teenagers who are killed in a roller coaster accident and try to reclaim their lives.

Each tells a story to earn a mechanical fortune teller’s reward – the chance to come back to life.

A New York Times review of its November 2016 opening called it a “blissfully weird and simply delightful spectacle” that offers “the kind of thrill we seek in all musicals, no matter how outlandish their subject matter: an engaging and varied score, knocked out of the park by a superlative cast and an extremely witty book.

The BBT production will be directed and choreographed by Shelley Cooper of Augustana College. The auditions take place on Saturday May 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with reminders on the 15and. Prepare 32 bars of a contemporary musical theater song that shows your range. The show will run from August 11-20.

“Ride the Cyclone” roles include:

  • The incredible Karnak
    Male – 35-50
    Non-singing role; the narrator; a mechanical guessing machine.
  • Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg
    Female – 18-25
    The leader of the group, relentlessly competitive, sometimes cruel, although she considers herself a virtuous person; mix of high Broadway, with a pop quality; great range.
  • Micha Bachinsky
    Male – 18-25
    Adopted from Ukraine as a teenager; he has a thick Ukrainian dialect and a lot of rage; he is obsessed with Gansgsta Rap (a big fan of auto-tune phenomena); there is a hidden and moving romantic side; Baritenor with the ability to sing lyrical Ukrainian folk music as well as rap.
  • Christmas Gruber
    Male – 18-25
    Uranium’s only gay child; never had a relationship; Obsessed with French New Wave cinema, he has the fantasy of a tragic death. Must be able to sing in the style of a French singer.
  • Ricky Potts
    Male – 18-25
    Starts the piece without words and with crutches; suffers from a degenerative disease that has left him speechless and nearly motionless; he discovers at the beginning of the play that in this strange purgatory, he has regained all these abilities. Baritone rock voice; basic accordion and/or tumbling a plus.
  • Constance Blackwood
    Female – 18-25
    Overweight, and apparently okay with it, but there’s a very deep self-hatred. Will do anything for Ocean’s friendship and allow herself to be used as a doormat; nicknamed “the nicest girl in town”, a title she secretly despises. Very sympathetic comic actress; alto belt, with a rock edge.
  • Jane Doe
    Female – 18-25
    She was decapitated in the crash and no one claimed her body; although she is not headless in the room (but often wears a headless doll). She reacts literally and largely without emotion, almost like a robot; the other contestants are totally freaked out by her. Classically trained soprano with an upper range of flexible coloratura, and some grain and meatiness in the lower register.

“All Is Calm” is written by Peter Rothstein with vocal arrangements by Erick Lichte and Timothy C. Takach. It tells the story of a truce on the Western Front during World War I, Christmas 1914.

The Black Box Theater is located at 1623 5th Ave., Moline.

From violence a silence, then a song. A German soldier enters No Man’s Land singing “Stille Nacht” (“Silent Night”).

Thus begins an extraordinary night of camaraderie, music and peace, according to a synopsis. A remarkable true story, told in the words and songs of the men who lived it.

“All Is Calm” will be music directed by Ron May and directed by Lora Adams. The audition date is Saturday, May 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prepare excerpts of two Christmas carols – one uptempo, one slow that shows your range. This production is sung without accompaniment with nine men, and will run from December 1 to 10.

“I encourage everyone who attends to find clips from the shows on YouTube to get a complete feel for both plays,” said Black Box Theater co-founder Lora Adams.

Auditions will take place at BBT, 1623 5and Avenue, Molin.