BLODS is giving away Shrek The Musical this Christmas

BLODS - Shrek in rehearsal
BLODS – Shrek in rehearsal

2020 was a very low period for the company and it almost came to an end, due to the loss of its income due to the lack of room rentals or production.

But local support and dedicated volunteers made it happen. Now they are going all out for a great show.

BLODS ‘Shrek – The musical runs December 22-24 with evening performances at 7 p.m. and mornings starting at 2:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at: or

Company President Kitson Wellard, who runs Shrek, said, “Shrek the Musical is a family treat and we really hope this musical delight is an opportunity for families to come together and enjoy the theater again. at Christmas.

“We are also very proud to say that BLODS and DLWP theaters will do their best to ensure that Covid security measures are followed as well.

“We urge people coming to watch the show to follow all covid safety guidelines, including wearing masks and lateral flow tests performed before coming to the theater.”

For the company, reaching the stadium will be an important moment.

“For rehearsals, we obviously had to comply with the Covid lines for the theater. We’re socially distant and at first we had to do Zoom rehearsals which wasn’t great with a cast of almost 40. We did that and then we had to break it into smaller groups like one on one. or two to one or three to one. It was very restricted.

“And then from August we were first allowed real groups and we had smaller groups getting together and luckily it was summer so we could rehearse outside. We kept larger group gatherings to a minimum and only rehearsed scenes, but what we really missed was the social side. We wanted to protect the cast so we didn’t do anything social. Usually we would rehearse and then go to the pub. It was tricky. And we cast off with Covid and I had Covid and I’m running it! But we did it one way or another.

“We do it because we love it. I am an interpreter and I also direct. I like to run shows because I like to see the finished product. I also like the technical side. I love the lighting and I designed the lighting plot for it. I love the way it all comes together, how it goes from a book to a full production. I just think this process is amazing.

“Usually I would get a replacement role, but not with this one because there is so much going on, but I’m actually the understudy for the guy who plays Shrek. I hope I don’t continue because he is so good! I know the role a little bit but I don’t know him as well as the actor.

This comes as the company changes course dramatically.

“The BLODS were doing well, but we have premises where we do small parts. We put ‘Allo’ Allo during the summer. Last year we did nothing. The year before, we did a play and a musical. But the overhead that we have for the room is still there. We still have to pay them, and we almost shut down – or sell our premises and continue as a company without. Fortunately, we got a grant, but the problem was that we lost all of our room rentals. We had no income, but we still had overheads.

“When we did ‘Allo’ Allo in the summer it was packed. Regardless of the general consensus that people were nervous about going back to the theater, we could have sold the show four times. And with Shrek, we just sold our 3,000th ticket out of about 4,800 and something. So it’s all good. We turned the tide. ‘Hello’ Hello made us enough money to stretch us to Shrek. costs £ 32,000 to go up. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a great show.