Boating Safety Tips Following Tragedy On Lake Texoma

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – Two people died and one injured after being thrown into the water when their boat malfunctioned on Lake Texoma on Saturday.

“The chances of everyone getting knocked off the boat are pretty low, so it was quite a tragic accident,” said boating expert Chris Walters.

While OHP soldiers say malfunctions are rare, they do happen. On Saturday on Lake Texoma, two brothers were killed and another man was injured when the steering cable of their plotter boat malfunctioned, causing him to veer sharply to the left, causing the three men to fall into the water and hitting them.

None of them wore life jackets. It is not known if their boat had a functional circuit breaker.

“When you don’t kill the engine, this boat will go around in circles,” Walters said. “And if you’re in the water, it’s hard to avoid this boat because it’s going to come back to where you fell.”

Walters, founder of, has been sailing for over 30 years. He says having a circuit breaker is crucial.

“So when you fall off the boat, it kills all the electricity in the boat’s motor, then the boat stops, it’s not going to roll over and hit you.” It stays in place so you can come back to it, ”Walters said.

Not only are circuit breakers designed to prevent accidents, they are also required by law.

“They passed a law here in Texas that if you operate a boat on the lake you have to have a kill switch on a lanyard and you have to wear it,” Walters said.

He says boating safety begins at home.

“Be aware of the weather, be aware of the wind and warn everything at all times in the event of an accident. “

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