Bowling for Soup’s Jarret Reddick settles band name issue after it goes viral

Bowling for Soup has been a mainstay of the music industry since the band’s formation in the mid-90s. The Wichita Falls pop-punk group has won Grammy nominations and certified radio hits such as “1985” (believe it). us – you heard it.) and loaned the theme song to the mega popular Disney animated series Phinneas and Ferb.

Without a doubt, the name of the group played a big part in the appeal of Bowling for Soup as well, and 27 years after hearing it for the first time, it continues to tickle Internet sleuths determined to solve a mystery. grammatical.

The origin of the phrase itself – not its intention – has also been the subject of long-standing discussion. Four years ago, a naive Quora user who thought he would find a direct answer in the discussion forum asked, “What does’ Bowling for Soup” mean? only to receive more unsubstantiated theories among the answers than can be found in your aunt’s posts about the coronavirus.

“There was a game show / sports competition from the 1970s and 1980s called Bowling for dollars, ”Was a response. “It seems likely that the group, whose members would have grown up during this time, replaced ‘soup’ in an absurd comment on something that was already absurd enough.”

Another said, “Nothing. I once read an interview where they said they wrote down words and picked three at random from a hat and got “Bowling for Soup”.

And someone named Balti suggested, “This is a Super Bowl game. If it becomes the Soup-er Bowl, and you see Bowl as a bowling alley (the game), then you are Bowling for Soup. It’s probably not as smart or obvious as they’d hoped it to be.

In 2003, reported that Bowling for Soup got its name “from a Steve Martin comedic routine on a game show called ‘Bowling for Sh—. ‘ However, fearing a serious beating if their grannies saw a flyer with that profane name on it, the group exchanged a few letters. ”

But today, the internet is less concerned with where the name comes from than what it actually means, and a screenshot of a tweet from 2017 is going viral again.

Wiffleball Tony’s original tweet reflects on this food for thought: “Do they bowling for soup or bowling for the sake of soup?”

Singer Jaret Reddick, who is also a producer for bands such as Not Ur Girlfrienz, answered the age-old question in a Huffington Post interview in December 2017.

“Our group is our job,” Reddick told the publication. “So I guess soup could be another way of saying“ income ”or“ food. ”That being said, I guess we’d have to be bowling to earn soup.

Now, that settles it.

The seemingly lawless and confusing rules of the English language are a hot topic on Twitter, and the name of the North Texas band appears to be a page of a Ricky Ricardo rant about the quirks found in English grammar.

Reddick finds it amusing that the question comes up over and over again.

“This meme is the gift that keeps on giving!” Every few weeks or so, my social networks and even my phone explode with “curious minds want to know,” “he told the Observer. “Honestly, I have answered this several times, just like Chris [Burney, BFS’s guitarist], but at this point I like it there as is. If you want to know the answer, google it! Otherwise, I’m just glad you were thinking of my band.

Reddick says the question also comes up frequently when approached by fans in person.

“People ask me at parties, shows, interviews and at the grocery store,” he says. “Every time I have a conversation and someone says, ‘I’ve always wanted you I’m like’ Here we go! ‘

“It’s the new ‘How did you all get your name?’ Most of the time, I just say “Google is your friend. But again, it’s nice to be the topic of conversation.

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