BSYO develops young people’s musical talents, encourages personal growth | Schools

Since 1984, BSYO has recruited young talent from all schools in Brevard County and surrounding areas. This year marks the 39th season of the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra.

It exposes budding young musicians to a variety of musical ensemble opportunities, developing a solid background that is not readily available to deepen their interest and abilities in classical music. More than 125 young musicians, from grades 1 to 12 – ages 6 to 18 – come together to represent public, private and home schools.

“Being part of BSYO helps me become a better musician because I surround myself with other talented students who love music like me. And we love performing together,” Marley Appel said with a smile.

True to its original commitment, the BSYO promotes music education for young people in Brevard and adjacent counties. After a competitive audition process, students are selected and placed in the String Ensemble, Festivo, or Symphony Orchestra, depending on their skills.

Mickey Woodrich is thrilled to be a part of the BSYO.

“I am one of the many students who are fortunate enough to benefit from financial aid. We are very grateful to have this opportunity available and in my case, my family’s budget does not allow for music lessons.

“It has improved my eyesight, my reading skills and working with others in small and large ensembles. In addition, we are required to follow the conductors and observe the other musicians. Woodrich said seriously. “I can also bring these skills back to my school and encourage other young musicians.”

A summer ropes camp was held in June for over 100 children of all ages for all three BSYO levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Talented students then have the opportunity to play as part of quartets during performances.

Woodrich is extremely proud to be part of BSYO.

“It’s amazing to be able to do justice to composers like Tchaikovsky and Borodin and to be surrounded by other young musicians who really love music and playing. There are high expectations for our performance, so everyone has to bring their best game.”

BSYO provides musical education to young people, fostering artistic growth and a deeper understanding of music, while creating awareness in the world of orchestral music. Students are encouraged to participate in their own school’s music programs and continue with private lessons to hone their instrumental skills.

Auditions start in August for the upcoming season, starting in September 2022.

For more information and timetables, go to bsyo.usE-mail [email protected] or call 321-216-7804.