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The Richardson’s Bay regional agency will continue to receive key state funding to help with the disposal and destruction of abandoned ships.

The $ 220,500 funding comes from the California Department of Boating and Waterways Abandoned and Abandoned Vessel Exchange Grant.

Jim Malcolm, the acting harbor master, said the grant is a recurring source of funding that the agency applies to and typically receives annually. It funds the voluntary surrender program, where end-of-life vessels can be returned and destroyed at no cost to the owner, he said. It is also used to cover the cost of abatement of abandoned or abandoned ships without using agency funds.

Malcolm said sailors often face the high price of disposing of an end-of-life ship. Ships can end up as marine debris that must be cleaned up before threatening the environment.

The state grant helps reimburse the agency for tasks such as vessel and hazardous material removal, towing the agency to landfill, demolition, and disposal.

“Unfortunately, too few boat owners are aware of this subsidy and many end up funding the disposal of the vessels out of their own pockets,” said Malcolm. “Very often when people are referred to us for this program, they are very surprised that it exists. We frequently make public awareness efforts to get this word out. “

The grant requires a 10% matching fund requirement through in-kind contributions from the Richardson Bay agency. The grant is executed through reimbursement by the state when the agency incurs costs for the disposal of the vessels.

The $ 220,500 will be included in the 2022-2023 budget and will be available until September 2023.

Steve McGrath, the agency’s acting executive director, said the funds are provided on a two-year cycle. He said the 2021-2022 budget is $ 1.336 million, which includes $ 400,000 in divested and abandoned vessel swap grants provided in 2020.

Jorge Moreno, a state parks official in California, said the Richardson Bay agency has been receiving the grants since 2000.

“The Recreational Boating and Waterways Division supports RBRA’s efforts to remove abandoned vessels that create a navigational hazard in Richardson Bay and to promote the Returned Vessel Program which helps prevent abandoned vessels. Moreno said. “The grants help provide funding to help cover the costs of removing and destroying vessels that may pose a threat to navigation and the destruction of returned vessels.”

The Marin County Board of Directors recently approved a six-month contract extension for Malcolm, the deputy harbor master. He’s been in charge since Curtis Havel resigned last month.

The contract extension runs until June 30.

The agency is a joint authority of the county, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon and Belvedere powers.

Malcolm said after the storm on October 24, six ships drifted from the anchorage and two ships sank. Of the six that drifted, two ran aground at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary, three ships landed on the Tiburon shore, and one vessel made contact with residential property on the west shore of Belvedere.

The two sunk ships were removed by the agency, Malcolm said. They were posted with abatement notices, but the owners did not contact the agency. Malcolm said the ships that sank did so without injury or loss of life.

McGrath said the cleanup of the sunk ships was funded by the state grant.

“If it is necessary for us to destroy a boat if it is not a commercial vessel, SAVE funds are applied to that,” he said.

The remaining ships were either brought back to anchorage or stored at the Army Corps of Engineers debris dock, Malcolm said.

Boater receives 113 days in jail and 2 months house arrest for fatal accident on Otter Tail Lake Wed, 24 Nov 2021 22:39:00 +0000

The wife, daughters and sisters of Neil “Pat” Baker, 52, emotionally testified Wednesday, Nov. 24 in Otter Tail County District Court before Judge Sharon Benson convicted Charles Willis Gramith of Roseville , Minnesota, to 113 days in jail and two months of house arrest. Gramith pleaded guilty in August to a homicide and driving charge that caused an accident that killed Baker instantly.

“The accused did not take a single person,” said Baker’s daughter, Hayley Baker. “He destroyed a family, a life of memories.”

Four other charges were dismissed, three of which alleged that he was under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances. The charge to which he pleaded guilty said he had left the scene of the accident.

He will get credit for four days of time served. He also has to do annual watercraft safety conferences for 10 years, which is the length of his probation.

Gramith crashed his boat on August 22, 2020 in Baker’s moored boat near 30529 Minnesota Highway 78, on the northeast side of Otter Tail Lake, according to the criminal complaint.

Baker’s wife Pamela told investigators she was helping her husband tie up the boat to their dock when they saw their next door neighbor Gramith heading towards them at high speed, documents show judicial. She then said “it’s getting hot” before Gramith crashed into their boat, according to the criminal complaint.

The collision knocked down Pamela Baker but she survived the crash. Neil Baker was found in the water.

Gramith told investigators he drank two beers while operating the boat and one before, according to the complaint. He then parked his boat on an elevator, according to the complaint.

Instead of going in the water to help Neil Baker, Gramith went to his house to get a glass of water because it was hot, according to the complaint.

A preliminary test showed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.051%, but a doctor who prepared a toxicology report said that level was inconsistent with the amount of alcohol Gramith said he drank, according to one. amended complaint.

The doctor said Gramith’s blood alcohol level should have been 0.081%, just above the legal limit, according to the complaint. The doctor added that the drugs Gramith was taking at the time could have increased the harmful effects of alcohol, according to the complaint.

Gramith faced a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for driving homicide. His lack of criminal history, cooperation with the investigation and other factors worked in his favor to get a lower sentence, Gramith’s lawyer Debbie Lang said.

The family recalled how kind and caring Neil Baker was, adding that he loved the outdoors and the lake. Her death was tragic, senseless and shattered the memories the family made on the lake, her sister, Colleen Keough, said.

“Pat was a very good man, and you are not,” she said, addressing Gramith, adding that her selfish lack of judgment robbed them of Neil Baker. “I hope you will suffer for the rest of your life as we have.”

Gramith showed little emotion throughout the hearing. He said he was sorry for what had happened and that he would think of the Baker everyday for the rest of his life.

“I take responsibility for Pat’s death because I was driving the boat and didn’t get into the water to help,” Gramith said.

He is due to report to prison on December 28.

General Motors invests in Seattle electric boat maker Pure Watercraft – Mon, 22 Nov 2021 21:40:00 +0000

author: FutureCar Staff

Some of automaker General Motors’ future electrification plans could include electric boats. The company said on Monday it had bought a 25% stake in electric boat maker Pure Watercraft. GM’s investment values ​​the boatmaker at $ 600 million, the companies said on Monday.

As part of the deal, GM is offering $ 150 million in cash and in-kind payment, which includes access to the automaker’s components and manufacturing assistance, in return for the stake, Pure Watercraft said in a statement.

“Building on GM’s existing efforts to deploy our technology in the rail, trucking and aerospace industries, the combined expertise of these two companies should translate into future zero-emission marine product offerings.” Dan Nicholson, vice president of GM’s global electrification unit, said in a statement.

Pure Watercraft was founded in 2011 in Seattle. The company manufactures engines for boats powered by lithium-ion batteries. The outboard boat motor he developed uses a standard design that attaches to any standard boat transom. It is designed to replace boat models that accept a gasoline outboard motor between 25 and 50 HP.

The company also owns a range of electric boats, including pontoon boats.

Pure Watercraft’s Pure Outboard electric motors use revolutionary efficiency to improve a boat’s performance while reducing operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional marine propulsion systems, according to the company.

Electric outboard boat motors offer a lower total cost of ownership, while providing environmental benefits. The Pure Outboard boat motor emits no smoke or harmful emissions. It also offers a quieter boating experience without the loud noise associated with standard gasoline outboard boat engines.

The electric boat motor developed by Pure Watercraft is powered by an 8.8 kWh lithium-ion battery and produces the equivalent of 50 horsepower. Up to ten battery packs can be used together to support a wide variety of navigation applications. For most recreational uses, one or two batteries will be sufficient, depending on the company.

For recreational use with one or two batteries, a charge can last between 2 to 4 hours over a distance of 20 miles on the water, depending on speed and weather conditions.

“Our mission is to enable a new era in boating,” said Andy Rebele, Founder and CEO of Pure Watercraft. “This joint effort with GM should allow us to achieve significant technological advances in terms of range and charging, while achieving volume production.”


Pure Watercraft Electric Outboard Boat Motor.

GM’s $ 150 million investment in Pure Watercraft is part of a much larger investment in electrification. In June, GM announced it would increase its investments in electrification and autonomous driving technologies to $ 35 billion by 2025, as it envisions a fully electric future with dozens of new battery-powered models. . It represents one of the biggest financial commitments in the automaker’s more than 100 years of history.

In November 2020, GM announced it would deliver 30 new electric vehicles by 2025 globally, with two-thirds of battery-powered models available to customers in North America. The first of those vehicles will be the upcoming Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq SUV and an electric version of the popular Chevy Silverado pickup slated for release next year.

GM has said it will disclose all products developed from the partnership with Pure Watercraft at a later date.

Maybe in the near future you might see a GM brand electric boat being towed by an electric Silverado pickup or Hummer EV.


Sabarmati Riverfront Adventure Sports End With AMC Misadventures Sun, 21 Nov 2021 00:43:04 +0000 ]]>


Chinese stock market expected to rise slightly Fri, 19 Nov 2021 01:03:08 +0000

(RTTNews) – The Chinese stock market headed south again on Thursday, a session after ending a two-day losing streak in which it lost nearly 20 points or 0.6%. The Shanghai Composite Index now sits just above the 3,520 point plateau and is expected to stay in that neighborhood again on Friday.

Global forecasts for Asian markets are mixed to higher, with support expected from oil and tech companies. European markets were down and US stock markets were mixed and Asian markets should follow this latest lead.

The SCI ended slightly lower on Thursday as losses from oil companies, financial stocks and real estate stocks were tempered by support from energy producers.

For the day, the index lost 16.66 points or 0.47% to end at 3,520.17 after trading between 3,513.11 and 3,537.98. The Shenzhen Composite Index fell 6.15 points or 0.65% to end at 2,460.86.

Among assets, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China fell 0.22%, while the Bank of China fell 0.33%, China Merchants Bank fell 0.83%, the Bank of Communications has lost 0.43%, China Life Insurance lost 0.61%, Jiangxi Copper added 0.48%, Aluminum Corp of China (Chalco) slipped 0.57%, Yanzhou Coal rose 2.13%, PetroChina fell 1.24%, China Petroleum and Chemical (Sinopec) fell 0.73%, Huaneng Power jumped 1.54%, China Shenhua Energy gained 0.37%, Gemdale fell 4, 20%, Poly Developments fell 2.23%, China Vanke fell 1.90%, China Fortune Land plunged 2.27%, and China Construction Bank remained unchanged.

Wall Street’s lead is mixed as the Dow Jones opened in the red Thursday and stayed there throughout the session, while the NASDAQ and S&P ignored initial weakness to end at new closing highs record.

The Dow Jones lost 60.10 points or 0.17% to finish a hat of 35,870.95, while the NASDAQ climbed 72.14 points or 0.45% to close at 15,993.71 and the S&P 500 increased 15.87 points or 0.34% to end at 4,704.54.

The mixed performance follows news of mixed earnings from some well-known companies. Retail stocks saw strong strength following bullish results from companies like Macy’s (M), BJ’s Wholesale (BJ) and Kohl’s (KSS).

At the same time, a sharp drop from Cisco Systems (CSCO) weighed on the Dow Jones after the company reported better-than-expected financial results for the first quarter but provided disappointing forecasts.

In economic news, the Department of Labor said the first claims for unemployment benefits in the United States were almost unchanged, down 1,000 from last week. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia showed a jump in the growth rate of regional manufacturing activity in November.

Crude oil futures stabilized higher on Thursday, rebounding from initial weakness, despite uncertainty over the outlook for energy demand. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures for December gained $ 0.65 or 0.8% to $ 79.01 a barrel.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

Coconut Creek search for missing boater continues – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports Tue, 16 Nov 2021 23:58:27 +0000

COCONUT CREEK, FLA. (WSVN) – The search for a boater who went out on a lake and never returned on the weekend continues.

Coconut Creek Police said Daniel Potter, 60, took his canoe out to Coco Lake on Saturday night.

Justine Potter prays her husband will come home.

“You don’t know how to act. You don’t know how to breathe. Your heart, you don’t know what to do, ”Potter said.

Her husband, an avid fisherman, was last seen getting into his canoe around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Potter’s wife said he was missing and so was his boat.

“He left his wallet at home,” she said. “His credit cards, his license, his phone was at home, his work phone was at home. There is, you know, he was on the boat fishing. After, I do not know.

Potter’s family said an organization called Guardian For The Missing was helping them.

Officers searched the lake and a forensic team left with items from the house on Tuesday.

“The family is really frustrated because we think all avenues haven’t been exhausted,” said Potter’s sister-in-law Amber Landfield, “and you know, it’s not because he’s 60. “He’s not a person. My 14-year-old niece needs her father, my sister needs her husband. She doesn’t need to go through something like that.”

Water rescue teams searched for him on Saturday night and a helicopter went up on Sunday.

Anyone with information on Potter’s whereabouts can call the detectives at (954) 973-6700.

Copyright 2021 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Comment: Souvenir de Joey Gratton – Speed ​​on the water Thu, 11 Nov 2021 17:52:36 +0000

Ten years ago today, Joey Gratton of Sarasota, Fla., Survived an accident on day one of the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla. He did not survive the subsequent rescue attempt.

On November 11, 2011, Joey Gratton ran the last speedboat race of his life in Key West, Florida. Photos by Pete Boden.

It’s a blunt and blunt statement, but the truth often is. The whole episode smacked of incompetence to me, so I followed and reported on the ensuing three-year wrongful death trial that ended with a confidential settlement.

It doesn’t make me special or remarkable. It makes me a journalist, although I admit that I was amused and even a little flattered that the SBI did not issue me a press card during those three years.

Gratton’s death rocked the high performance powerboat community, especially in Sarasota where he was a hometown hero and by all accounts one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. He left behind his beloved wife, Priscilla, a woman of deep character, and his beautiful twin sons, Blake and Brock.

Gratton’s legacy lives on in his family, as does an annual New Year’s nautical event celebrating his honor.

He was 59 years old. He couldn’t watch his grandchildren grow up. But thanks to the efforts of his friend and colleague and offshore racer Ryan Beckley, his legacy also continues at the annual Joey Gratton Memorial New Year’s Run in his hometown.

The first day of the American Power Boat Association / Union Internationale Motonautique Offshore World Championships is behind us. Everyone came back alive. But 10 years ago today, Joey Gratton didn’t.

And that’s something to remember.

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Passenger on boat in LeClaire accident: owners were intoxicated | Local News Tue, 09 Nov 2021 22:00:00 +0000

Anita Pinc, right, died at the scene, and her fiance, Craig Verbeke, left, died three days later following injuries sustained in August 2020, in the crash between their 19-foot Bayliner and a 35-foot Triton owned by James Thiel.


Take a wild ride with the state’s conservation police and learn about water safety on Lake Clinton.


Another lawsuit linked to the fatal boat accident at LeClaire last summer described the operators of both vessels as “inexperienced” and “intoxicated”, with the exception of the minor involved.

Brooke Jewell, a passenger on the boat operated by a 15-year-old and supervised by James Thiel Sr., of Pleasant Valley, claims the negligence of everyone involved in a lawsuit in federal court.

Thiel is charged in Scott County with felony and manslaughter charges. He pleaded not guilty to all counts.

A man charged with manslaughter in connection with the deaths of two boaters has pleaded not guilty to an indictment filed Thursday.

Jewell, 37, was seriously injured in the crash, court records show. She claims $ 100,000 in medical costs, $ 28,000 in lost wages, as well as damages related to pain and suffering. The lawsuit also seeks damages on behalf of her husband, Spencer Jewell, who works for Thiel, according to her company’s website, Thiel Truck Center.

He also names two children Jewell, who were also on the boat. They were 10 and 6 years old at the time of the accident and are identified as plaintiffs, claiming damages related to their mother’s injuries and loss of earnings.

Craig Verbeke and Anita Pinc were in a 19-foot Bayliner on August 16, 2020, which was struck by Thiel’s 35-foot Newt, operated by the miner. Both died as a result of the accident.

The lawsuit alleges that Thiel, Verbeke and Pinc were all intoxicated when their boats collided off the LeClaire River.

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Eight is perfect for the new owner of the MTI 390X, Mike Ciasulli Sun, 07 Nov 2021 15:28:44 +0000

Best known in fast-sailing circles for his outrageous Skater Powerboat catamaran builds, most recently a hot molten 438, New Jersey’s Michael Ciasulli has joined the ranks of outboard motor catamaran owners. On Thursday, Ciasulli and his wife, Elena, their twins Ashley and Brianna, 13, another couple and their two children will travel to Key West, Fla. Aboard a new eight-person MTI 390X catamaran powered by the twin. Mercury. Racing 450R outboards as part of the Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run fleet.

The 13-year-old twins of Michael and Elena Ciasulli will have their first poker run next week in the family’s new MTI 390X catamaran.

“I wanted something with eight real seats and the MTI was the only boat in its class to tick that box,” said Ciasulli, who demonstrated driving in a 390X with his wife, as well as the owner of the company. MTI Randy Scism, at the Super Cat Fest West and Desert Storm Poker Run events this spring. “She is very agile and I think it will be a very fun boat. And my wife love this. After the demo she said, “You have to do this.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved my 438 – it was very cool and very fast – and I would definitely build another 368 or 388 Skater if I could have it with eight seats,” he added. “I like the skaters. But the 438 is very big and it felt like it took a crew to really make it work. It has become too much for where I am now in my boat life.

“The MTI is fast and nimble and I think it will be a fun boat,” he added. “I don’t think this will require a lot of attention. MTI was successful with this one.

On Tuesday, the 39-footer went from Mark Morris’s Visual Imagination paint shop in Peculiar, Missouri, to MTI headquarters just over three hours east in Wentzville. The MTI crew have completed the rigging and interior installation of the cat and it will arrive at the Haulover Marine Center in North Miami early next week.

Ciasulli, who is used to ordering bright red boats, had a good idea of ​​what he wanted for the graphics on his new 39ft. But to finalize his fiery color scheme, Ciasulli worked closely with his longtime friend Jimmy McIntyre (the Supercat-class throttle Chariots of fire offshore racing team) Tom Stuart and Wes Jones from MTI and, of course, Mark Morris, who did the paint. In turn, the MTI saddlery team perfectly integrated these colors into the interior of the catamaran.

Seating for eight played a major role in Ciasulli’s decision to purchase the 39-foot outboard cat.

“The paint job turned out to be ridiculous, it’s on another level,” Ciasulli said. “It’s like that Deep with fades and stripes and metal flakes, and Mark Morris is such a nice person to work with. I think he’s the best painter in the business.

“This is probably the most extreme 390X the company has ever built,” he added.

Thursday’s hike to Key West in an MTI 390X won’t be Ciasulli’s only “first”. It will be the first time he and his wife have taken their daughters to a poker run.

“We’re going to take it slow and have a great run to Key West,” he said. “I can not wait.”

And to Ciasulli’s delight, everyone in the boat will be well seated.

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Pure Watercraft Reveals New Simplified Electric Speedboat Design | State Fri, 05 Nov 2021 13:30:00 +0000

SEATTLE, November 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pure Watercraft, maker of high-performance electric outboards, today unveiled an upgraded version of its industry-leading electric outboard motor.

“We have significantly reduced the size of the outboard motor above the water to make it as subtle as it sounds.”

“We have significantly reduced the size of the outboard motor above the water to make it as subtle as it sounds,” said Andy rebele, Founder and CEO of Pure Watercraft, “We have also increased its efficiency with improved gear assembly design and longevity with direct passive cooling of the gear assembly in water.”

Pure Watercraft’s electric outboard motor delivers unmatched performance with minimal environmental impact. Designed for simple and safe operation, it can replace a gasoline outboard motor up to 50 HP on any boat to provide a better boating and boat ownership experience.

The availability of products

Pure Watercraft is starting customer deliveries soon and is accepting pre-orders with a $ 500 fully refundable deposit to

About Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft is leading a fundamental transformation in boating. Founded in 2011 in Seattle, Washington, the company offers innovative electric marine propulsion that preserves the air and waterways for future generations. For more information about Pure Watercraft, including its products, partners and career opportunities, visit or find Pure Watercraft on LinkedIn or Twitter @PureWC.

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