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Ready for a challenge? Try your hand at the beloved New England bowling tradition at these local alleys.

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New England is full of unique traditions and entertainment, whether it’s snacking on Fluffernutter sandwiches, singing “Sweet Caroline” or wearing duck boots come rain or shine. But while many of our customs have become common outside the region, a rainy day pastime has remained a unique New England quirk: candlelight bowling. (Or, as many locals like to refer to the game- “real bowling.”)

First performed in Worcester, Massachusetts around 1880, chandelier bowling is generally attributed to the genius of the local pool hall and bowling center owner Justin P. White and his friends Jack Monsey. and Jack Sheafe.

For the uninitiated, the name Candlepin comes from the triangular arrangement of the skinny pins, which, when peered from the end of a bowling alley, gives the appearance of a row of candles. Today, the standard size of the plastic candle is a fraction larger than the original wooden iteration, with a length of 15.75 inches. Current candlestick bowling balls measure a maximum of 4.5 inches in diameter, weigh two pounds and seven ounces, which is much smaller than typical ten pin bowling balls, which are 8.5 inches in diameter and weigh at least six pounds or more.

Candlepin’s smaller pins and balls (which also lack finger holes) make it much more difficult than traditional ten pin bowling. Moreover, even when you to do manage to knock down pins, they are not eliminated until your three-reel round is complete.

Candlepin is also worse than standard bowling. While thousands of tenpin bowlers have logged 300 perfect games, the highest sanctioned candlestick score remains a paltry 245, most recently won by Chris Sargent of Haverhill in 2011, tying the President’s 1984 score. International Candlepin Bowling Association, Ralph Semb.

Today, most candlestick bowling alleys feature plastic pins and balls, as well as fully automated bowling alleys in place of the original wooden iterations and pins. (In fact, the first automated pin crimping machines were introduced in Lunenberg, Mass., For – you guessed it – a candle-lit aisle.) But despite the introduction of technology, the vintage vibe in the back alleys around Boston have held up over the years.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new place to bowling or a beginner determined to master the form, try your hand at one of the vintage lanes below.

American flatbread
Somerville, Brighton

The Davis Square Pillar was originally known as Sacco’s Bowl Haven, a name that still appears above the chandelier lanes today. While the Sacco family slowly closed their 18 Massachusetts branches over the years, the place originally in Somerville held on until operations were taken over by beloved Vermont restaurant American Flatbread. The new owners have preserved Sacco’s vintage vibe and, over the past five years, have expanded the business to Boston Landing with a nine-lane chandelier operation under the Brighton Bowl name. Whether you choose to play in Davis Square or Brighton, the delicious wood-fired pizzas and selection of craft beers at American Flatbread are a staple of the experience.

$ 30 an hour, 45 Day St., Somerville, 617-776-0552; 76 Guest St., Brighton, 617-903-4595,

Southie Bowl
South Boston

This family-friendly bowling alley has been an anchor on East Broadway for over 20 years, offering fun for all ages as well as five-time-a-week bowling leagues for anyone ready to spread their candlestick passion. at the upper level. Just make sure you eat a full meal before showing up for some craft beers and a few candle light tours – these old-fashioned lanes don’t offer any food, yet!

$ 10 an hour, 543 E. Broadway, Boston, 617-464-4858,

boston bowl

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Boston Bowl

In 1959, this family-owned and operated bowling alley was the first to bring ten pin bowling to the greater Boston area. Today, after changing their name from First Boston Tenpin to Boston Bowl, the facility draws visitors from all over New England (and the country!) To the Xperience lanes.

$ 5.75 to $ 9, 820 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, 617-825-3800,

Central Park tracks
Boston East

If you’re looking for a true candlelight experience, don’t miss this over 70-year-old alley near Central Square in Eastie. From hand-painted signage on the walls to classic wood panels and vintage ball returns, you’ll experience an old-fashioned adventure from start to finish. Cash only.

$ 20 an hour, 10 Saratoga St., East Boston, 617-567-7073,

Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream & Bowls
Hyde Park

Originally known as Twentieth Century Bowling Alleys, Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream & Bowling changed its name when Ron Covitz took over the family business from his father, Julius. A graduate of Brookline High School and Boston University, Ron knew he wanted to turn his father’s bowling alley into a great destination for gourmet ice cream, while preserving ten precious bowling alleys. Today, the Retro Aisle features candles alongside 30-35 gourmet ice cream flavors, including seasonal flavors like Oreo Pumpkin and Fall Apple Pie, Eggnog and Stick of peppermint during the holidays, and watermelon and lemon cooler in the summer.

$ 4 per person, 1231 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, 617-364-5274,

Needham Bowlaway

Since 1917, Needham Bowlaway has offered a family-friendly candlelit experience at the Needham Center, directly across from City Hall. Tucked away beneath the former post office space, this hidden gem, an underground lane features eight original chandelier lanes, plus cosmic weekend bowling under black lights and disco balls.

$ 30 per hour, 16 Chestnut St., Needham, 781-449-4060,

Woburn Bowladrome

By 1940, the Woburn Bowladrome was operating eight lanes from an old garage, with a mechanic working quickly to set up each ten-pin rack for bowlers between rounds. Today the alley is a 40-lane operation with fully automatic bowling and scoring, as well as a weekly celebration on Saturday nights under black lights and disco balls to a pop tune and back in. back.

$ 30 to $ 36, 32 avenue Montvale, Woburn, 781 933-1709,

Acton Bowladrome & Arcade

For 60 years, “La Drôme” has been inviting regulars and novices alike in candlesticks to taste good burgers and drinks while playing bowling. Once you’ve exhausted yourself in the 16 candlestick aisles, head to the adjacent 50-game arcade and vintage pinball lounge for even more fun.

$ 5 to $ 10 per person, 257 Main Street, Acton, 978-263-7638,

Remembering Ada Bowling Legend Dr. Max Skelton | Local sports Wed, 24 Nov 2021 13:15:00 +0000

Oklahoma Bowling legend Dr Max Skelton of Ada has passed away at the age of 89. Over the years, Skelton has been recognized as both an excellent bowler and an excellent bowling administrator. He became only the third Oklahoman to serve as president of the more than 400,000 members of the American Bowling Congress (ABC) in 1990. Two years later he became the second president of the United States Tenpin Bowling Federation (USTBF) and led the organization’s efforts to promote bowling as an Olympic sport.

Skelton was superintendent of schools for the town of Ada from 1967 to 1980. He was then superintendent and then assistant superintendent at Little Ax. He was also involved in the oil trade and operated a cattle ranch south of Fittstown.

Skelton is from Blackwell. He holds a BA from Central State University and an MA and PhD from the University of Oklahoma. Full funeral arrangements and obituaries are expected to be announced soon.

Skelton was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame in 2002 in the Meritorious Service category. At that time he was cited for “.. His extraordinary leadership as President of USA Bowling which led to the establishment of the United States Tenpin Bowling Federation (later USA Bowling) and to representing the best interests of the tenpins Americans in the arena of the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ).

The FIQ, now called the International Bowling Federation (IBF), has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee since 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of bowling.

Perhaps his greatest legacy is his role in promoting integration after the elimination of the CBA membership clause for Caucasians in 1950. The resolution of 1950 has been taken ”. . . on behalf of all Japanese and Chinese ethnic bowlers on the West Coast ”by a Seattle association. In a compromise pushed by a number of associations in the south, it was left to local associations to determine who would be eligible for membership in their associations. The compromise allowed associations to continue to discriminate against minorities.

During his tenure as president of the Oklahoma City Men’s Bowling Association, the first team of black bowlers was allowed to compete in the state bowling tournament. When other teams refused to play against them, Skelton offered his team to do so. This move allowed the team to participate in the tournament and played an important role in integrating the sport of bowling in Oklahoma.

For his bowling skills, Skelton was inducted as a founding member of the Oklahoma State Bowling Association Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma City Men’s Bowling Association in the Senior Skills category. He was also inducted into the Ada Bowling Association Hall of Fame in the skills category.

As a bowling director, Skelton served as president of the Oklahoma City Men’s Bowling Association (1958-60) and the Oklahoma State Bowling Association (1970). He served for over 20 years on the board of directors of ABC.

Longtime friend, bowling partner and fellow Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Bowling Hall of Fame fellow Wayne Hagar said that as good a bowler as Skelton was, he was an even better person.

“He was a friend to everyone and truly a person’s person,” Hagar said. “He didn’t care if you had a high average or a low average, if you were rich or poor.”

No matter how high he got in the bowling world, Hagar said he was always just “just Max”.

“There was never anything out of the ordinary about the way he bowled or the way he lived. He grew up on a farm, got a great education, had a great career, rose to the top of the bowling world, and then returned to the farm.

“He always knew who he was, where he was and why he was,” Hagar said. “He could hear himself and talk to anyone. “

While president of USTBF, Skelton attended meetings of the United States Olympic Committee advocating for bowling to be a medal-winning sport at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, as well as representing the ABC at the Pan-American Sports Convention in Argentina and at the International Bowling. Presidium of the Congress in Rome among other meetings and events.

Skelton’s stepson Kent Thompson said his parents traveled the world attending meetings and accompanying various American teams to competitions during his tenure as national bowling administrator. The stops included Australia, Japan, China and several countries in Europe and South America.

“Bowling was a demonstration sport at the 1988 Seoul Olympics,” said Thompson, “Dad participated in the ceremonies with the United States bowling team and the rest of the Olympians.”

Skelton worked with others to establish the USTBF to comply with the Constitution of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the Amateur Athletic Act passed by Congress in 1978. In 2005, a number bowling organizations, including the ABC and USTBF, as well as organizations representing female and young bowlers, have come together to form the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). Today, the organization has more than 1.4 million members and represents the interests of US Bowling around the world, particularly with the various Olympic organizations and the FIQ.

The IBF claims that bowling is one of the largest and best organized sports in the world with more than 100 million participants, 10 million competitors and 250,000 bowling lanes. The IBF now has member federations in 134 countries. It is the main organization promoting bowling as an Olympic sport.

Kealakehe boys and Kamehameha girls win BIIF bowling titles: Kealakehe’s Eytcheson and Kamehameha’s Gaylord win individual championships Mon, 22 Nov 2021 10:05:00 +0000

KAILUA-KONA – The best of Big Island High School bowlers converged at KBXtreme on Saturday afternoon.

Tom Hamilton and Holly Bowling release their self-titled debut album, ‘Lacuna’ [Listen] Sat, 20 Nov 2021 16:07:30 +0000

Phantom light group mates Tom hamilton and holly bowling released Gap, the eponymous debut album of their new project announced on September 15th. Gap arrived on November 19 via Potato royal family.

The duo designed the offering of eight tracks in one stream of consciousness at Hamilton’s The ballroom studio in Philadelphia, PA during the summer of 2020. Recorded in one take with no overdubs, these ambient improvisations in deep space explored the outer limits of musical creation in the moment. For 46 minutes, Hamilton and Bowling showcased their powerful musical connection in a wave of emotion after months of isolation.

The months preceding the registration of Gap saw Hamilton crouching in his studio as Bowling crossed the country from California to Maine. Throughout this transcontinental journey, Bowling has created an immersive live broadcast series dubbed Sessions in the heart of nature, who saw the solo pianist reinventing songs from Grateful death and Phishing breathtaking places. When she finally made it to the East Coast and teamed up with Hamilton, the prospect of playing music with another person seemed more appealing than ever.

Related: Holly Bowling Finds A Change Of Scenery With ‘Sessions In The Wild’ [Interview]

“We were playing just to play,” Bowling said in a press release. “I so missed that spark and connection of playing music with someone else and having that back and forth. It was the happiest I had been in ages, even though the music seems pretty dark in places, and it was definitely a very dark time. Tapping into that and then releasing it was cathartic. “

This jam session would remain on Hamilton’s hard drive, without hearing it, for months. Finally, in February, he listened back and realized he had something special.

“It was all very organic,” Hamilton added. “We pressed the save, it’s gone and we haven’t talked about it.”

The duo then reverse engineered the album, breaking up nearly an hour of improvisation into eight tracks, and named it Gap. This name comes from a book Bowling read in his forties. She did not know what the word meant and, searching for it, found its definition: “a gap, an unfilled space, or an intentional and prolonged passage in a musical work in which no note is played”.

to listen Gap in full, below, and head here for additional physical streaming and purchase options.

Bowling and Hamilton have six concerts scheduled in November and December, with a single performance on March 5, 2022 in San Francisco, California. The chapel. Check out the full list of tour dates below and click here for tickets.

Gap – Gap

Lacuna tour dates

26/11 – New York, NY – (Le) Poisson Rouge
11/27 – Philadelphia, PA – The Ballroom
12/17 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
12/18 – Beaver Creek, CO – Vilar Performing Arts Center
12/19 – Denver, CO – Ophelia’s Electric Soap Box (on sale 9.24)
3/5/22 – San Francisco, California – The Chapel

View Tour Dates

Rainbow League rankings for the week of November 10 – The Fort Morgan Times Thu, 18 Nov 2021 17:27:16 +0000

For the week of November 10

Happy Thanksgiving! These are the bowling stats for Week 10 of the Rainbow League, which plays Wednesday nights at Morgan Lanes in Fort Morgan.

Star Bowlers and Team Game

Tina Cuckow has thrown 54 above her average this week and has been the star of the game and the series. She threw 111 pins above her average and had a streak of 492.

It was once again a bite for Pin Pushers and A-List Automotive, each taking two games.

The best individual match was Jordyn Banks with a 225, Carol Wunder with a 211, Nancy Sailsbery with a 206, Doris Craig with a 183 and Tina Cuckow with an 181.

The high streak went to Tammy Hilzer with a 471.

Team ranking

1. Larry’s body (25)

2. Dolls with balls (24 points)

3. Pin plungers (23 points)

4. Mike Bates and associates (22 points)

5. Bank of the golden belt (22 points)

6. Automobile A-List (21 points)

7. Spotts Brothers # 1 (19 points)

High scratch team game: A-Automotive List 588

High playing handicap in team: A-Automotive List 812

High series by scratch team: Larry 1666 Bodywork

High handicap in series by team: Pin plungers 2345

High individual scratch of the game: Doris Craig 183

High individual handicap in gambling: cuckoo tina 239

High stripe individual series: cuckoo tina 492

High individual serial handicap: cuckoo tina 666

Pinstripes bocce, bowling and bistro head to Walnut Creek Tue, 16 Nov 2021 18:01:43 +0000

Pinstripes, the huge entertainment centers known for bocce, bowling, and Italian-American comfort food, have chosen Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza as their next location.

The news, confirmed via Broadway Plaza Macerich owner’s 2021 business snapshot and latest earnings call, is exciting for residents of Contra Costa County, who typically venture to Livemore or San Francisco to get their fix of restaurant-bocce. Pinstripes, which heads to the old Neiman Marcus building at 1000 S. Main St., will be the first major entertainment option in Walnut Creek outside of the downtown cinema.

The Pinstripes in San Mateo has a full restaurant, two bars, a bowling alley, and pétanque grounds. (Courtesy Pinstripes)

The leader in pétanque-bowling-bistro has 13 locations, including Chicago, Cleveland and San Mateo, which was the West Coast’s premier location when it opened in 2019. If the next Pinstripes looks like Hillsdale Mall, you can check out expect a vast, multi-level experience with a full bowling alley, pétanque grounds, restaurant, two bars and huge event space.