Camps – Passion Tropical Fri, 26 Nov 2021 05:32:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Camps – Passion Tropical 32 32 1.6K Camps for Waiver of Default Electricity Bills under Samadhan Yojana for Covid-19 Relief Fri, 26 Nov 2021 05:32:03 +0000

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): People eligible for the electricity resolution plan, which aims to relieve people in default of payment on their electricity bills during the first wave of Covid-19, are showing up in large numbers in the camps set up by Madhya Pradesh Western Region Power Distribution Company.

The government has implemented the resolution plan to waive last year’s electricity bills for the period of the first wave of Covid-19. Camps are being held at 1,600 locations in the Malwa-Nimar region to provide an exemption for domestic consumers with a connection up to one kilowatt. The camps will continue until December 15.

West Discom chief executive Amit Tomar said domestic consumer contributions of up to 1 kilowatt during the corona outbreak (until August 31, 2020) have been postponed by the government. “Orders have been received for a 100% discount on the surcharge of the unpaid amount, 40% on the deposit of the remaining invoice amount in a lump sum and 25% on the possibility of depositing it in 6 equal installments” , did he declare.

Tomar said that on average, four camps were organized in each zone distribution center. A detailed program has been prepared for the organization of 1600 camps in the region of Malwa-Nimar.

Camps have also been opened in the city of Indore and in other divisions. No less than 400 camps are organized in the district of Indore under Samadhan Yojana. This streak will continue until December 15. The camps have started in the city, while in rural Indore, the camps will be held from December 1st.

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Boko Haram establishes camps in Niger state Wed, 24 Nov 2021 05:46:38 +0000

A dissident group from the Province of the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) and Boko Haram terrorists are setting up camps in Niger state, the state government said.

State government secretary Ahmed Matane sounded the alarm at a press conference in Minna on Tuesday.

Mr. Matane said armed bandits were lining up with insurgents to indoctrinate residents of some communities in the Shiroro local government area.

The group preaches a strict Islamic ideology and prohibits women from attending conventional schools.

The official identified some of the communities visited by armed groups as Shukuba, Koki, Kusare and Madaka.

Mr Matane said the group provided residents with protection but called on them to reject Western education as well as government guidelines.

“These people often go to communities to communicate with them and assure them that they will not harm them, and join them during Friday prayers in congregation to preach to them the need to abandon Western education. and to engage in civil disobedience.

“They also made a video claiming that they are not kidnappers, but that they engage in religious activities. They have assured us (the government) that they are “sent by God” to establish an Islamic caliphate. Despite their rapprochement, we are not negotiating with them, ”said Mr. Matane.

Specifically, Mr. Matane said that “ISWAP is trying to establish a camp in Babana National Park in the Borgu local government area of ​​the state”.

The official said that the collaboration between the gunmen and Boko Haram had recently intensified attacks on innocent residents.

Mr. Matane, who said the state has spent more than N5 billion to tackle security concerns, said the government feared the situation would continue to worsen.

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MBES delegation in the spotlight for Space Camp 2022 | New Mon, 22 Nov 2021 04:45:00 +0000

PRAIRIE BRIDGE – Whatever their background or ambitions, students at Meadow Bridge Elementary School heard sound advice on Friday that they can keep with them throughout their lives.

It might even take them to space if that is their goal.

During a special ceremony in which participants in the ‘Failure is not an Option’ scholarship fund were announced for the summer of 2022, MBES students learned that character, Persistence and, most importantly, hard work, will be crucial as they advance through their school years and begin to develop goals and career plans.

Russell Dunford, a graduate of Meadow Bridge High School, and his brother, Wallace Dunford, visited the MBES on Friday, November 19 to chat with students and staff. The Dunford family are among those who help sponsor the annual scholarships that allow local students to spend a week at Space Camp and learn many details about aviation and space exploration. Following the ceremony, two finalists and two alternates were announced as school representatives at Space Camp this summer in Huntsville, Alabama. The fifth graders attending the weeklong event will be Cory Cooper and Aubrielle Williams, while the substitutes are Nehemiah. Thomas and Kayelin Mullins.

Educator Kami Walker will also be attending next summer, as for the first time this year a staff member from Meadow Bridge will also be attending Space Camp.

“For my brother and I, we both know what education does for you,” explained Russell Dunford. “We know the doors he will open and the doors he can close.

“Really all we’re trying to do is teach kids one thing, the value of education, and two, and sowing seeds that they might one day go and do STEM (areas of studying science, technology, engineering or math) or engineering or whatever they do. Like my brother said, we don’t care what you do. Whatever you do, realize that failure doesn’t “is not an option. You can hit a wall and step back and say,” OK, if I can’t go through the wall, then let me find a window. “

“Just keep moving towards that goal that you have and follow that passion that’s in your heart.”

“For him and me, it’s about tenacity, it’s about trying to live what you want to be and helping these kids,” added Russell Dunford, who is currently director of the US Army. Corps of Engineers, performing data analysis. “Like I said, I’d rather help a kid now in fifth grade than see him go through some kind of rehab… because he’s done it wrong.”

Dunford, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, said he looks forward to the presentation every year to honor MBES students, as well as making time to visit family on Thanksgiving. “It’s the best Christmas present I can get,” he said. “It is more about giving than receiving. I have been very blessed.”

“We are doing this presentation at this time of year so families can start planning for July,” he added. “Much like NASA, we are starting to plan for the upcoming mission in July.”

“This year we were also able to sponsor an educator to come down, and that was the first time we could do that,” said Dunford. “I hope we can do this every year in the future.”

During the event, the Dunfords advised students to thank and appreciate the efforts of people such as Walker and teachers Janet Fox and Lanna Duncan.

Wallace Dunford, an entrepreneur, urged students to pursue their dreams. “If you can find what you (love) to do, I guarantee you will never work another day in your life,” he said.

In his remarks, Wallace Dunford quoted former Meadow Bridge football head coach Larry McClintic. “Hard work has never hurt anyone other than your opponent,” McClintic told his players, he recalls.

“It’s good for us to have the opportunity to participate in something like this,” said Mark Gladwell, Principal of Meadow Bridge Elementary. “I hope this will show our students that no matter where you are from, you are capable of anything. Whatever your goals, we encourage you to pursue them.”

During his presentation, Russell Dunford highlighted individuals such as Katherine Coleman Johnson, Edward O. Buckbee, Chuck Yeager and Homer Hickam who have achieved success in the field of aviation.

Also during the ceremony on Friday, MBES students and staff heard a remote presentation from Miranda Odem, an assistant engineer in charge of the U.S. Army Development Command (DEVCOM) at Redstone Dockyard in Huntsville , Alabama. Odem discussed the challenges of the engineering profession. , the importance of studying in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) and other issues.

“The sky is the limit on what you can do with math and science,” Odem told the students. She also answered several questions from the students.

Meadow Bridge High junior Conner Mullins, the first MBES student to attend Space Camp, said on Friday the camp exposed him to many opportunities and gave him a boost in his future. “When I went there, I focused a lot on aviation,” he said, calling it “a great benchmark for my future”.

Mullins is also happy to see the program grow. “It’s expanded and it’s great for the community.”

For his part, Cooper said he appreciates the chance to be a space camp caddy that Mullins has already adopted. “I’m so super happy that I’m really shaking,” said Cooper, who hopes to be an engineer when he’s older.

Walker, who works on the administrative side of MBES, will attend because a school teacher couldn’t work weekdays in his summer schedule for 2022. “I was a little worried at first because I didn’t teaching degree; I’m in administration, ”said Walker, who previously worked for the Air Force in a civilian capacity.

She wants to benefit from the experience, then bring back knowledge to share with the students of the school. “My dad always told me there was nothing you couldn’t do, and I just want to pass it on. I’m over the moon, that’s all I can say.”

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Deer Camps Among The Best Hunting Season Locations | Sports Sat, 20 Nov 2021 06:15:00 +0000

The deer camp is not where adults make money and send their fawns to stay busy and learn new skills during summer vacation.

Well, they could do it secretly, but the deer camp I’m talking about is something quite different. This time of year is something that happens with hunters and in some cases with family and friends during deer hunting seasons.

The hunters and some of their other special people congregate in small to moderate amounts where the white tail seekers mobilize to a base of operations, usually dispersing from there on morning and evening hunting trips to their hunting habitats. chosen or assigned. The camps that form could exist as a single cabin or a house deep in the woods. It could be a mobile home, run down or not, located on a farm or in a prime wooded area.

Approaching the true definition of camp, this rendezvous could be just a collection of tents and / or camping trailers. It can be a commercial or a public campground. Again this could be at the end of a gravel lane or right next to the road somewhere.

Regardless of accommodation, the deer camp is where these pregnant women congregate in the fall, when it’s time to chase game and antlers still on the hoof. This is happening right now with the recent opening and continuation of the modern gun season in Kentucky and other states as well.

Deer camps are blooming with the modern gun season as it is the biggest wave of hunters of the whole year. But they also crop up during the muzzleloading and archery hunting seasons during this long season as well.

It might just be a solo endeavor, but much of the appeal of deer camp is its social nature, sharing experiences with family and friends who have common interests. Triumphs are more golden when they can be embellished by someone else, and the pain of hunting failures can be eased somewhat when there are others to empathize with.

Some of these social deer camps are just two friends or family members, but others can become small, temporary communities in the sticks. Some of these large gatherings become a tradition, forming each year in the land of the deer – small redneck gatherings. Having been among those, I can use this terminology without guilt, having represented this remark. (Some, however, may be more cosmopolitan, but I haven’t bivouacked in any of these camps.)

Without a doubt, one of the greatest things about deer camp is the campfire, which serves as a community gathering point, lounge, lounge, and forum for those rustic get-togethers. When hunters return from morning hunts, they usually feed voraciously, then drift into a ring of fire where others pile up.

There, the reports of action or its absence are shared. The scores are compared and the hunters reflect on their strategies for the evening hunts and beyond.

And around that time, maybe someone who’s always lagging behind in the morning hunt shows up with a deer in the back of the truck. This stimulates a series of activities which, depending on the circumstances, may involve hanging freshly caught game from a gambrel and hoisting it to a sturdy oak branch.

Full accounting of the deer catch is, of course, required. Listeners want to hear, but the taker needs to say. Extensive backslapping and hugs and / or scoldings may follow in celebration.

If it was a young hunter who scored, he or she is likely to be highly commended. If an older and more accomplished hunter has prevailed, he can be told that his deer is so small that he is lucky he did not blow off the bed of the truck on the ride back to camp.

Camp life slows down during the midday hours. Waking up before dawn for morning hunts takes its toll and naps are not uncommon. But early afternoon stirs the pot again as hunters make plans and preparations for their evening stands.

Darkness falls with most of the camp population scattered in stands of trees, ground shades, and / or shooting houses. Sometime after this, how long depending on the extent of the dispersal of the hunters, the camouflage and orange clad herd begins to return to the perch.

Some camps follow the action of the day with a feast of grilled meats and other gastronomic delights. Others may minimize the frenzy of food preparation, focusing only on the hunt, filling their stomachs with canned chili peppers, hashes, stews, and other intestinal bombs.

Whatever the case may be to feed the troops, it is after dinner that the community fire takes on its full meaning. This is where a circle of folding chairs around a stack of burning wood becomes a cohesive unit, a union of hunters, a fraternal order, a family, a deer camp.

The stories of the day’s hunts mingle with the stories and experiences of the past. Invariably, stories of various elevations (some of them quite tall) flood the fireside forum. As fascinating as the hunt may be, the talk around the flickering flame and glowing embers can be best of all.

But the rise and fall of exclamations and laughter soon lead to apologies and curtsies, with participants slipping away one by one to waiting sleeping bags. A 4 a.m. wake-up call followed by an icy morning stand is coming soon.

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Camp Lejeune teenager receives national scholarship to escort WWII veterans to Guam and Iwo Jima Thu, 18 Nov 2021 10:47:16 +0000

CAMP LEJEUNE, North Carolina (WNCT) – A local teenager received a national scholarship to escort veterans to Guam and Iwo Jima for a special battle anniversary.

Young Marine Captain GySgt Eric Phung, 17, recently made the trip to Washington, DC, to accept the Jimmy Trimble Fellowship. He will escort these veterans next spring to the Reunion of Honor. Phung will join nine other people on their trip overseas.

“It’s important for young people to come out and share this. Because once they’re gone, they’re just kind of a name in the book. And we won’t be able to share the real experience face to face, ”Phung said.

Young Marines is a national non-profit education and service program for youth ages 8-18. Phung is one of two to have received the Jimmy Trimble scholarship. The other was another young sailor from California.

Phung explains that the scholarship is in three parts: the first is additional funds for the university, the second is the trip abroad, and the last is a trip to Washington to receive the prize.

“Being in Washington and being surrounded by all these veterans and all these people who really cared about the United States and its history, and all the veterans, I just wanted to, I really can’t see it. ‘explain,’ said Phung. .

The scholarship is presented annually to two young Marines who exemplify the qualities of the late James Trimble III, a star athlete who missed the opportunity to play baseball to serve his country in the Marines.

Next year, they will escort World War II veterans to the 77th Annual Honorary Reunion, a special reunion of Japanese and American veterans.

“They know they’re not going to live forever, they just want to go back and see it one more time and kind of redeem themselves and make peace with what happened,” Phung said.

Phung explained why he was thrilled to be escorting these veterans.

“These are just names that people might not know, and you never know what their stories are, and you never know what they did. So being able to go out there and find out what those names are is a huge honor, ”said Phung.

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French police evacuate migrants from makeshift camp Tue, 16 Nov 2021 09:12:25 +0000

French police evacuate migrants from a makeshift camp near Dunkirk in northern France, where at least 1,500 people have gathered in the hope of crossing the Channel to reach Britain

Migrants, including some families with young children, could be seen packing their few belongings as police surrounded the camp, on the site of a former industrial complex in Grande-Synthe, east of Dunkirk. Several buses were lined up near the camp.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted that authorities would provide shelter for migrants.

He also said police dismantled a smuggling ring in the Dunkirk region, resulting in the arrest of 13 people. According to Darmanin, 1,308 people suspected of being smugglers have been arrested since the start of the year.

Local authorities have warned of the dire sanitary conditions and overcrowding in the region, the risks associated with the fast approaching winter and the escalation of tensions between migrants and traffickers which often turn violent.

Yann Manzi, founder of Utopia 56, said those gathered in Grande Synthe are mainly Iraqi Kurds propelled via trafficking networks. Most try to cross the Channel in small inflatable boats, as police have made it more difficult to squeeze in trucks and ferries.

With its ports and tunnel to cross the English Channel, northern France has always been a magnet for people seeking to cross to Britain, fueled by the traffickers’ promises of a better life there. . The crossings are a source of friction between the UK and France, with UK officials saying France should do more to prevent the boats from leaving. France, meanwhile, said Britain should do more to help French authorities deal with migrants and stop traffickers.

More than 23,000 people have reached the UK in small boats across the Channel this year, including 1,185 on Thursday, a single-day record. In addition, thousands more have been rescued at sea by the French maritime authorities.

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Sparks Fire dons aprons at a local pizza place for the campfire anniversary Thu, 11 Nov 2021 02:54:00 +0000

SPARKS, Nevada (KOLO) – A Sparks restaurant marked the third anniversary of the tragic campfire by pouring it forward to those chasing disaster in our community.

Lost in the campfire and moved to northern Nevada, Mamma Celeste’s Gastropub and Pizzeria hosted members of the Sparks Fire Department, teaching them how to make pizza while donating the profits to the non-profit association. lucrative SFD.

“They are financially helping people displaced or injured by a tragic fire,” said Flanagan, who recently celebrated the one-year opening on Los Altos Boulevard. “I know all too well how invaluable immediate help is. “

After running a successful pizza place in Chico, Calif., Flanagan just moved it to Paradise before the campfire started. After picking up the pieces in the wake of the devastating fire, Flanagan moved his business to Sparks for a fresh start.

“They welcomed us with open arms,” says Flanagan. “We want to give back to the Sparks community because of this. “

A trio of Sparks firefighters donned aprons and hit the pizza line, dealing with the actual orders in the restaurant. Yazir Nauhm was part of the planning process, which he says was initiated by Flanagan and Mamma Celeste.

“We’ve been around for so long as an association, so it becomes difficult to think of new ideas,” Nauhm said. “In this case, it was pretty easy. He came to us, he offered to help, we said yes and we are happy to help.

Flanagan says he wants to do it every year, adding “it’s not about remembering the campfire, but focusing attention on what happened in the campfire so we can help. the others to move forward “.

“Every November 8, we can draw attention and fundraise for this specific charity,” said Flanagan. “We want to take advantage of it. “

“We want to take a day of tragedy and turn it into a celebration.”

You can find out more about Mamma Celeste through their Facebook page.

Copyright 2021 KOLO. All rights reserved.

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Xavi let Brazil’s chance pass to return to Barcelona Tue, 09 Nov 2021 05:23:28 +0000

New FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez gestures during his official presentation at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on Monday, November 8, 2021. Xavi, who thrived in the Barcelona midfielder alongside Messi and Andres Iniesta, was officially introduced as a coach on the Camp Nou pitch with a reception usually reserved for the best players.  (AP Photo / Jeanne Monfort)

New FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez gestures during his official presentation at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, ​​Spain on Monday, November 8, 2021. Xavi, who thrived in the Barcelona midfielder alongside Messi and Andres Iniesta, has been officially introduced as a coach on the Camp Nou pitch with a reception usually reserved for the best players. (AP Photo / Jeanne Monfort)


Xavi Hernández was so keen to return with Barcelona that he missed a chance to coach Brazil.

“We have spoken with the Brazilian federation,” he said during his official presentation in Barcelona on Monday. “The idea was to be (coach) Tite’s assistant and take over the team after the World Cup in Qatar.

“But my desire was to come to Barcelona. I waited for the right time and I think it is the right time. I feel that I am very well prepared now.”

Xavi, who turned down Barcelona last year because he felt he wasn’t quite ready to take on the coaching job at the time, turned down Brazil’s invitation during the offseason.

Thousands of fans have welcomed him to the Camp Nou stadium, hoping he can turn the tide at the club after a dismal start to his first season after Lionel Messi.

Xavi, who flourished as a Barcelona player alongside Messi, was introduced at a reception usually reserved for top players. A crowd of nearly 10,000 chanted his name and waved the club’s flags in the stands.

“I’m very excited,” Xavi told fans. “We are the best club in the world and we will work hard to be successful. Barça cannot be satisfied with draws or defeats. We have to win every game.

Xavi, 41, who signed a contract until June 2024, greeted and sent kisses to the crowd after stepping onto the pitch alongside President Joan Laporta.

“I have a big advantage because I know the club well,” said Xavi. “Barcelona are the most difficult club in the world because you have to win and play well. Winning 1-0 is not enough. We will try to win and play well.

He said he believes Barcelona can still play an attacking style despite the absence of Messi, who joined Paris Saint-Germain this season due to the Catalan club’s financial difficulties.

“Messi sent me a message wishing me good luck,” Xavi said. “He’s the best player in club history but he’s not here anymore. We have the players we have and we’re going to work with them.

Xavi said he was moved by the welcome and chanted with the crowd. Some of his relatives were also on the pitch during his presentation.

“We need you,” Xavi told fans. “Especially in bad times. We are in a difficult situation as a club. We need you more than ever. We need to be more professional than ever. You don’t have to be harsh, you have to have rules and make sure they are followed.

Xavi was hired last week to replace Ronald Koeman, who hasn’t been able to start the team this season amid one of their worst crises on and off the pitch. He takes over with the club in ninth place in the Spanish league and second in his Champions League group.

“Today is a day that will go down in club history,” said Laporta. “Xavi has a difficult job to do as he has to rebuild the team, but we have full confidence in him.”

Xavi returns to a financially struggling club and finds a team exhausted from injuries and struggling with young players and untested new recruits.

Ansu Fati and Eric Garcia are the latest players to be added to the club’s injured list, joining Sergio Aguero and Gerard Piqué among others.

Xavi faces a tough schedule, with his first game in charge being the league derby against Espanyol on November 20 at Camp Nou. The club then welcome Benfica in a game that could decide his fate in the Champions League, a competition in which he has not failed to make it through the group stage for nearly two decades.

Barcelona’s next games are at Villarreal, against Real Betis and Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Xavi will lead the squad in training for the first time on Tuesday, although most of the squad’s best players are in international service.

Barcelona had been coached by interim manager Sergi Barjuan, who is now back with the club’s “B” squad. In all three matches under his command, the team drew 1-1 with Alavés, won 1-0 at Dynamo Kyiv in the Champions League and drew 3-3 at Celta Vigo on Saturday after losing. a three-goal lead.

Xavi played for Barcelona until 2015, helping the club win 25 trophies, including four Champions Leagues and eight Spanish leagues in 17 seasons. He also played a key role in Spain’s title streak when it won the World Cup in 2010 and the European Championships in 2008 and 2012.

He had been at Al-Sadd since leaving Barcelona, ​​first as a player and then as a coach. He leaves with the top team of the Qatari league after nine games as they try to retain their title.

Xavi turned down his first chance to coach Barcelona in January 2020 after Ernesto Valverde was sacked in the middle of the season.

His former teammates still in the squad include Piqué, Jordi Alba, Marc-André ter Stegen and Sergio Busquets.


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All dates of the State Preps 2022 Football Presentation Camp Sat, 06 Nov 2021 21:41:15 +0000 The dates for the All State Preps football camp for 2022 have been announced. These camps are NOT affiliated with 247Sports and will not earn you stars or rankings.. This is the 7th year that All State Preps will be hosting camps that have helped athletes see how they stack up against other high performance athletes, improve their game and increase their visibility as a rookie. We had dozens of athletes who ended up anywhere from Division III to FBS level colleges. However, we do not take credit for the opportunities gained by these athletes. All State Preps works with athletes before the event, during the event and after the event. NO SCHOLARSHIP PROMISES ARE MADE. We send films to Divisions II and III schools in Pennsylvania that show interest. We also provide a video of the camp (see below) for athletes to use in their recruiting.


There will be three different events: the QB Showcase, the Lineman Showcase and the Skill Position / RB-LB Camp.

* The Quarterback Showcase will take place at the start of camp. Quarterbacks will go through individual position exercises before the start of full camp. They will also launch during the Skill / RB-LB Showcase portion of the camp.

* The All State Preps Skill Position / Running Back Linebacker showcase will present these positions: Running Backs / Wide Receivers / Tight Ends / Linebackers and Defensive Backs.

* The All State Preps Lineman showcase will take place during the first part of the camp. They won’t have to stay for the whole camp.

* Individual and 1v1 drills for coaches to assess players. There will be a limit on the players taken at each position to ensure the athletes get enough reps.

* A video will be taken of the presentation of the quarterback and the individual 1v1s. Video of limited individual exercises.

More info to come. email with any questions.

ALL CAMPS WILL BE AT IN THE NET / 798 AIRPORT ROAD, PALMYRA, PA 17078, with the exception of the April 23 camp which will be held at Iron Peak Sports in New Jersey.

This camp is for the 2023, 2024, 2025 classes. This is not an invitation only camp, but it helps if the player has had college experience.

Number limited to each position. There is a middle school camp for grades 6-8 taking place on March 20, 2021.

If you have any questions, email

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Camp McAuliffe in shock as Youngkin takes command in Virginia Wed, 03 Nov 2021 03:38:21 +0000

MCLEAN, Virginia – Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s camp was in shock as Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin took the lead in a state President Biden won by 10 points just a year ago.

Youngkin emerged with a slim lead in the polls over McAuliffe ahead of election day, foreshadowing his strong performance on Tuesday.


McAuliffe’s election night was initially buzzing with excitement as supporters waited for the polls to close. But that enthusiasm gradually shifted over the night, as Democratic hopes for a quick victory faded.

Most of the room had emptied before Youngkin even addressed supporters of his own party.

A participant walks away after watching election results on election night for Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia.
(Stefani Reynolds / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Even though the results showed Youngkin had a clear lead, Virginia Democratic Representative Don Beyer – who was present at McAuliffe’s electoral party – said he was “still optimistic” that McAuliffe would win.

“We thought for several weeks that this would be a very close election, that she would probably be late, and so far it’s on track,” Beyer told Fox News.

“Rural Virginia arrived in the first relatively small districts. Youngkin won them easily. “

McAuliffe's election night has largely emptied while waiting for the race to be called.

McAuliffe’s election night has largely emptied while waiting for the race to be called.
(Houston Keene / Fox News)

“I think when the big jurisdictions in northern Virginia come in – they’ve had a lot of advance votes, which are the last ones counted,” the Virginia congressman continued. “It should get very close and I’m still optimistic McAuliffe will have, not a big win but a narrow win.”

“50.1 [percent] and they call you governor, ”he added.

But as the election results continued to show Youngkin’s strong performance, the atmosphere in the room changed. He was no longer brimming with optimism.


Although the race has yet to be called, many McAuliffe supporters have left the party and have not returned.

“A very difficult game,” said one fan leaving the event. Others just calmed down and looked worried.

Houston Keene is a reporter for Fox News Digital. You can find him on Twitter at @HoustonKeene.

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