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One of the systems needed in almost all power plants is compressed air to operate plant equipment. The proper design and installation of a compressed air system is often not taken into account. In this article, we will discuss the uses of compressed air and the components of a properly designed compressed air system.

The most common use of compressed air is to operate pneumatic cylinders supplying sliding doors under bins and outlets on transport equipment. Compressed air is also used to open and close doors under drop-bottom mixers. These operations use air in cyclic action where the cylinder (s) are used to position the door (s) in the open or closed position. Other uses are to continuously operate vibrators on equipment or to atomize liquids by being injected into the liquid to atomize it before it is sprayed onto the product.

Other purposes include the use of hand nozzles at the end of a hose to purge and clean various areas. Blowing generates dust in the atmosphere and should only be done when the plant is not in operation to avoid creating an explosive atmosphere. Compressed air can be used to pressurize electrical cabinets to prevent dust from entering or to cool equipment in the cabinet.
A compressed air system has three main components: the machinery that compresses the air; the compressed air distribution system; and equipment that uses compressed air.

Power operations

Compress the air

To compress the air, outside air is drawn through an intake filter and into a compressor. The compressor is usually one of two types, a reciprocating piston design or a rotary screw design. The piston type draws air into a cylinder where it is compressed by the piston in a high pressure state which exits to the compressed air system. This is the same principle that an automobile engine cylinder uses to compress fuel into high pressure. This type of compressor can be a single piston design or a dual piston design where the air is compressed in two stages.

A rotary compressor uses well-fitting twin screws to compress air as it passes through the screw housing. This design works like a positive displacement air pump. The screws are constantly rotating and the amount of compressed air is controlled by a modulating valve on the air inlet of the compressor.
Figure 1 shows the main equipment used to compress air and prepare it for use in the compressed air system. It begins by drawing atmospheric air into the compressor through an air intake filter. This air source should be located outside hot or dusty areas. It should be located outside of a building where the coolest free air is available.

The air is compressed to the pressure required for the plant’s compressed air system. The compressor is equipped with low and high pressure switches. The low pressure switch starts the air compression, while the high pressure switch stops the air compression. The air is heated during the compression process and is hot when it leaves the compressor. This hot compressed air then passes through an air dryer to remove any moisture to deliver the driest air possible to the system. The air dryer can be one of two types: an adsorption dryer or a refrigerated air cooler / dryer. Removing moisture from the air is important because moisture in the air is detrimental to the piping system and pneumatic equipment.

The third step of air compression is to install an air tank immediately after the air drying equipment. The receiver acts as a storage tank for the compressed air so that sufficient compressed air is available for the system in high demand. It provides a steady and constant supply of air to the system as the pressure drops to the minimum pressure set point where the compressor begins to compress air to the system and the air pressure rises to the maximum pressure set point . The receiver allows compressed air to be available to operate the equipment for periods of time without the available air pressure dropping below the minimum pressure needed in the system.

The tank size required for a compressed air system can be determined using the following formula.

V = t C pa / (p1 – p2)
V = volume of receiving tank (cubic feet)
t = time required for the receiver to go from upper pressure limits to lower limits (minutes)
C = amount of free air needed to supply the system (scfm)
pa = atmospheric pressure (14.7 psia)
p1 = maximum tank pressure (psig) *
p2 = minimum tank pressure (psig) *
Psig is the pressure indicated on a pressure gauge.

Let’s size a receiver for a compressed air system that requires an average consumption of 900 cubic feet per minute, a maximum tank pressure of 115 psig, a minimum tank pressure of 95 psig, and a time of 10 seconds for the receiver to pass. from higher pressure to lower pressure. V = (10 s) (1/60 min / s) (900 cfm) (14.7 psi) /[(115 psig) – (95 psig)] = 110.25 cubic feet. Receiver volumes are normally shown in gallons. One gallon equals 7.48 cubic feet (cf). Therefore, this receptor would be 110.25 cf / 7.48 gal per cf. = 14.7 gallons.
Most receivers are sized in 10 gallon increments. Therefore, it would be preferable to use a 20 gallon receiver in this application.

On smaller systems, the compressor, air dryer / cooler, and receiver are often sold as stand-alone units, while larger systems use separate components.

Compressed air distribution system

Compressed air piping should be designed to provide adequate supply at the required pressure for each piece of equipment. Runways should be as straight and short as possible without having low points where moisture in the air could collect. The piping should be slanted away from the compressor so that any entrained moisture is displaced with the air. For vertical piping, a tee should be installed so that the horizontal piping enters the side of the tee and the vertical pipe rises while a drip valve is located at the bottom outlet of the tee to drain any moisture. accumulated.

The air piping should be sized to handle the amount of air in the main line and each branch to deliver the amount of compressed air, at the required pressure, to each point of operation. The bypasses should be removed from the top of the pipe to prevent moisture or other material in the pipe. Using published tables of compressed air line pressure losses, I found that the pressure loss per 100 feet of line length in different sized lines provided the equivalent of 100 cfm of free air compressed to 100 psig. The 100 cfm of free air is reduced to a volume of 12.82 cfm at this pressure. For 100 feet of ¾ inch diameter pipe the pressure loss is 7.8 psi, but using a 1 inch pipe the pressure loss is only 2.21 psi per 100 feet.

Pipe sizing for the entire system should be sized to provide the correct amount of air needed at each point of use. At each point of use, a pressure adjustment valve, filter and lubricator are installed in the line before compressed air enters the operation. The air then passes through a solenoid valve which controls the use of air in the equipment. If compressed air is used to supply an air cylinder or a recycle operation, the solenoid controls which port the air enters and exits from a cylinder.

Power operations

Cylinder operations

Figure 2 shows a pneumatic cylinder and its components. The piston moves one way or the other depending on where the compressed air enters the cylinder and the air at the other end is vented.
The force of extension of the rod is determined by the pressure of compressed air entering the cylinder against the surface of the piston (side opposite the rod). The same pressure to retract the rod has less total force because the area of ​​the rod must be deducted from the front area of ​​the cylinder.

The cost of energy (PC) for operating a compressed air system can be determined using the following formula:

computer = [(HP) (.746 KW/HP) (T) (Power Cost)]/[(Motor Efficiency) (Power Factor)]
Example: An air compressor has a 100 hp motor that operates at 90% efficiency. It operates 8,000 hours per year and the electricity costs $ 0.06 / kw. Power factor = 1.0. What is the cost of energy for this compressor?

computer = [(100)(.746 KW/HP)(8,000 hrs)($0.06/kw)]/[(0.90)(1.0)] = $ 39,786 per year.

Some of the factors to consider include:
70% of the cost of compressed air is electricity.
A 1/8 inch leak at 100 psig = 8,800,000 cubic feet / year. At $ 0.06 / kwh, that = $ 1,440 / year.
A change in required system operating pressure of +/- 2 psig = +/- 1% power consumption
A change of +/- 10 degrees in the temperature of the intake air to the compressor = +/- 1% of energy consumption

Operating recommendations include:
1. Operate the system at the minimum pressure required.
2. Use properly sized devices.
3. Check regularly for air leaks.
4. Drain moisture regularly.
5. Adjust the equipment for minimum air use.
6. Keep the intake air clean and cool.
7. Beware of excessive compressor cycling.

A compressed air system must be sized for the requirements of primary and future use.
There are good sources of design information available on the web. Another good source is chapter 49 of the AFIA Feed Manufacturing Technology V book available from AFIA.

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RD summarizes new dietary guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:58 +0000

In the first DGA published during a pandemic, one might think COVID-19[female[feminine would get airtime. Unfortunately, he only received one sentence. I know most of us are ready to see the coronavirus in our rear-view mirrors, but that is not old history (yet).

The past 10 months have shown us real-time scientific discoveries, linking preventable nutritional problems (for example, vitamin D deficiency) with COVID-19. And given that immunity is a top priority, I think it’s a lack that the Dietary guidelines did not take the opportunity to inform Americans of the links between nutrition and immune function. The singular mention in the DGA explains that “people living with chronic and food-related diseases are at increased risk of serious illness from the novel coronavirus”.

I do appreciate, however, that the DGAC (remember, they wrote the 835 page scientific report to inform the much shorter DGA) adds more color to the question, calling for two simultaneous epidemics in our country: “These epidemics parallels, one non-infectious (obesity and chronic diet-related diseases) and one infectious (COVID-19), appear to be synergistic. ”

Schneeman explains that the committee faced a logistical and scheduling challenge: “The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as the committee entered its final stages of work. She went on to say, “As a committee, we have been struck by the vulnerability of people with chronic diet-related diseases (eg, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease) to. most serious consequences of infection with the virus. Additionally, disruptions from the pandemic have resulted in food insecurity and hunger, increasing the challenges in making healthy food choices. ”

member of the DGAC Regan Bailey, Ph.D., MPH, RD, echoed this paradox, sharing that while “nutrition is essential for immune defense and resistance to pathogens, undernutrition and over-nutrition can impair immune function.” (Bailey is a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Purdue University, as well as director of the Purdue Diet Assessment Center.)

At mindbodygreen, we recently explored undernutrition in the complex problem of food insecurity, as well as over-nutrition (and unhealthy nutritional patterns) in the synergy between metabolic health and immunity.

Based on this information, I believe adopting healthy nutrition models, supporting food security initiatives, filling nutrient gaps, and maximizing other lifestyle factors (e.g. physical activity, sleep, etc.) are powerful levers that we can choose to pull. improve metabolic health and therefore our immune system.

Indeed, member of the DGAC Linda Van Horn, Ph.D., RDN, LD, professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University and head of the division of nutrition at the Feinberg School of Medicine, emphasizes that, “now more than ever, the importance of healthy eating, weight control and weight loss. prevention of cardiometabolic and infectious diseases is a recognized goal, worldwide. “

Ultimately, delving deeper into the nutrition / immune system relationship in the Dietary guidelines was passed on to the next iteration (2025-2030). In the meantime, Donovan shares these actionable insights: “A healthy immune system depends on an adequate intake of many nutrients, proteins, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially omega-3s), vitamins (eg, vitamin C and fat soluble fatty acids (vitamins A, D and E) and minerals (eg iron and zinc). ”

In addition to these macro and micronutrients, Donovan explains that “the best place to get immune support nutrients is in whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which provide alimentary fiber and phytonutrients beneficial for the gut microbiome and immune function. “

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Sony’s WHCH710N headphones now cost just $ 128 Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:58 +0000

Note: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.

Read our site – or any site that deals with headphones – and you will inevitably hear about the amazing Sony WH-1000XM3 Helmet or, not as often, just as excellent WF-1000XM3 Headphones (also, Sony? work on those names.)

But Sony makes other headphones that are much cheaper and still high-end. Witness the Sony WHCH710N, a set of on-ear pods that will cost you less than half of what you would pay if you bought the XM3s.


These cordless phones feature intelligent noise cancellation that will adapt to your surroundings, 35 hours of listening time per charge, and comfortable oval ear cushions. They lack bells and whistles like custom sound and extra bass, and they’re not as stylish as their XM3 cousins ​​- although they are available in a cool blue colourway. But Amazon users still give this cheaper headset a solid 4.4 / 5 rating.

The WHCH710N headphones are currently on sale on Amazon for $ 128 (was $ 200). If you really must get the XM3, they are on sale for $ 278 (from $ 350).

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“Friends” star Matthew Perry asks the question at 51 (guess how young his bride-to-be is) Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:58 +0000

Matthieu perry getting married! The 51-year-old actor best known for his portrayal of Chandler Bing at Friends announced at People magazine he proposed to his girlfriend Molly Hurwitz and she said yes!

“I decided to get engaged,” he told People. “Fortunately, I happened to be dating the tallest woman on the planet right now.”

While Perry is on the older side of engaged guys, his bride-to-be is (unsurprisingly) not even old enough to have watched. Friends when it originally aired on NBC’s must-see TV programming Thursday Night. Hurwitz, a literary director, is 29 years old. That’s a 22-year age difference for those scoring points at home.

The couple have been dating since 2018. They spent the holidays together last year and Hurwitz posted a photo of the couple on Instagram. The caption read: “According to my parents’ custody agreement, my mother was not allowed to have a Christmas tree … Fortunately, there is no such agreement for a girl’s boyfriend, so Hurwitz gets a treeeeeeee !!! “

Uhm okay. If you are still unaware of your parents’ custody agreement, you may not be mature enough to get married yet. Not that it stops Hurwitz. One glance at his Instagram bio and you get the feeling that being Matthew Perry’s girlfriend is a big part of who he is.

Matthieu perry

Photo: Instagram

Ouch. Look, we’re happy for you, Matt, we’re just not sure it’s gonna last. If not, maybe you can star in a new spin-off called Just friends.

Cover photo: David M. Benett / Contributor

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Grizzly Vibrating Feeders Market Report 2021 | Applications, benefits, trend analysis Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

The Global Grizzly Bear Vibrating Feeders Market is expected to increase at a stable CAGR in the coming years, says the latest report from Report Hive Research. The publication offers an insightful overview of historical market data and milestones achieved. The report also includes an assessment of current market trends and dynamics, which helps to map the trajectory of the global Vibrating Grizzly Feeders market. Analysts have used Porter’s five forces analysis and SWOT analysis to explain different elements of the market in absolute detail. In addition, it also studies socio-economic factors, political changes, and environmental norms that are likely to affect the global Vibrant Grizzly Feeders market.

The research report is committed to giving its readers an unbiased perspective on the global Vibrant Grizzly Feeders Market. Thus, in addition to statistics, it incorporates the opinions and recommendations of market experts. This allows readers to gain a holistic view of the global market and the segments within it. The research report includes the study of market segments on the basis of type, application, and region. This helps identify segment-specific drivers, restraints, threats, and opportunities.

The following companies as key players in the global Grizzly Bear Vibrating Feeders market research report: Key players

Terex Mineral Processing Systems
Deister machine
Osborn Engineering Products
General kinematics
Shanghai Alligator Machinery
Shanghai Mingshan Luqiao Machinery Manufacturing
Dakota Equipment Manufacturing Inc (DEMI)

Request a sample of this report from: @

Segment analysis
The report categorized the global vibrating grizzly bear feeders industry into segments comprising product type and application. Each segment is evaluated based on growth rate and share. In addition, analysts investigated potential regions that could prove rewarding for manufacturers of vibrating grizzly bear feeders in the years to come. The regional analysis includes reliable predictions on value and volume, thereby helping market players to acquire in-depth insights into the overall Vibrant Grizzly Feeders industry.

Grizzly Vibrating Feeders Market By Types:

Motorized Vibrating Grizzly Feeders
Gearbox Driven Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

Grizzly Vibrating Feeders Market By Applications:

Mining and quarrying industry
Metallurgical industry
Recycling industry
Construction industry

Regional analysis:
In addition to the segmental breakdown, the report is highly structured into a study by region. The regional analysis performed comprehensively by the researchers highlights key regions and their dominant countries accounting for a substantial share of the revenue in the Vibrating Grizzly Feeders market. The study helps to understand how the market will perform in the respective region while also mentioning the emerging regions which are growing with a significant CAGR. Here are the regions covered in this report.

  • Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt)
  • North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
  • South America (Brazil, etc.)
  • Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
  • Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)

The scope of the report:
The Global Grizzly Bear Vibrating Feeders Market research report is a comprehensive publication that aims to identify the financial outlook for the market. For the same reason, it offers a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape. It studies some of the main players, their management styles, their research and development status and their expansion strategies.
The report also includes product portfolios and the list of products in the pipeline. It includes a detailed explanation of advanced technologies and the investments made to upgrade existing ones.

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Key questions answered in the report:

  • What is the growth potential of the vibrating grizzly feeders market?
  • Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
  • Which regional market will emerge in the lead in the years to come?
  • Which application segment will grow at a sustained rate?
  • What are the growth opportunities that might emerge in the Vibrating Grizzly Feeders industry in the years to come?
  • What are the major challenges that the Global Vibrating Grizzly Feeders Market could face in the future?
  • Who are the leading companies in the global grizzly bear vibrating feeders market?
  • What are the key trends positively impacting the growth of the market?
  • What are the growth strategies being considered by the players to maintain their grip on the global Vibrating Grizzly Feeders market?

About Us:

Our research base consists of a wide array of premium market research reports. In addition to comprehensive syndicated research reports, our in-house team of research analysts harnesses excellent research capabilities to deliver highly personalized bespoke reports. The market entry strategies presented in our reports have helped organizations of all sizes generate profits by making timely business decisions. Research information including market size, sales, revenue, and competitive analysis is the product of our excellence in market research.

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Sex Toys Market Business Opportunity to 2027 – Top Companies PinkCherry, Fun Factory, BMS Factory, Doc Johnson Enterprises, LELO, Reckitt Benckiser Group Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

The growing acceptance of sex toys, where they are no longer called tabuists, has made it easier for many partners to improve their intimate lives by using sex toys such as vibrators. Additionally, the presence of retail adult toy stores and Internet outlets such as, Inc., allows customers to quickly purchase items. Thus, the increasing adoption by sex toy sellers and the constant development of products have increased the popularity of sex toys.

A final intelligence report published by The Insight Partners with the title “Sex toys market Outlook to 2027. A detailed study accumulated to offer the latest information on the acute characteristics of the disease. Sex toys market. This report provides a detailed overview of the key drivers of Sex toys market and factors such as driver, restraint, past and current trends, regulatory scenarios and technological development. An in-depth analysis of these factors, including the economic downturn, local and global reforms, and the impact of COVID-19, has been conducted to determine future growth prospects in the global market.

Request a sample PDF report at:

The major players in this report include:

  • Church and Dwight Co., Inc.
  • RoseCherry
  • Tenga Co., Ltd.
  • Fun factory
  • Reckitt Benckiser plc Group
  • LELO
  • LifeStyles Healthcare Pte Ltd
  • Doc Johnson Enterprises
  • Lovehoney Group Ltd.
  • BMS factory

Geographically world Sex toys market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. North America has gained a leading position in the global market and is expected to remain in place for years to come. The growing demand for Sex toys market will stimulate the growth of the North American market over the next few years.

In the final section of the report, the companies responsible for increasing sales in the Sex toys market were presented. These companies were analyzed in terms of manufacturing base, background information and competitors. In addition, the application and type of product introduced by each of these companies is also a key element of this section of the report. The recent improvements that have taken place in the global market and their influence on the future growth of the market have also been presented in this study.

Highlights of the report:

  • Complete overview of parent market and surrogate market
  • Evolution of market dynamics in industry (COVID and economic impact analysis)
  • Deep market segmentation (trends, growth with historical and forecast analysis)
  • Recent industry trends and development activity
  • Competitive landscape (heat map analysis for emerging players and market share analysis for major players along with detailed profiles)

Strategic Points Covered In The Sex Toys Market Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction, Market Driving Product Study Objective and Research Scope of Sex Toys Market
Chapter 2: Exclusive Summary – Basic Information of Sex Toys Market.
Chapter 3: Changing Impact on Market Dynamics – Drivers, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Sex Toys; Post COVID analysis
Chapter 4: Overview of Sex Toys Market Factors Analysis, Post COVID Impact Analysis, Porters’ Five Forces, Supply / Value Chain, PESTEL Analysis, entropy of the market, patent / trademark analysis.
Chapter 5: View by Type, End User and Region / Country 2015-2020
Chapter 6: Major Manufacturers Assessment of the Sex Toys Market which includes its competitive landscape, peer group analysis and company profile
Chapter 7: To assess the market by segments, by country and by manufacturers / company with revenue share and sales by key countries in these different regions (2021-2027)

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Answers to key questions

  • Who are the major key players and what are their major business plans in the Sex Toys market?
  • What Are The Major Concerns Of The Five Forces Analysis Of Sex Toys Market?
  • What are the different prospects and threats faced by the dealers in the Sex Toys market?
  • What possible actions are players taking to overcome and stabilize the situation?

About Us:

The Insight Partners is a one-stop-shop for industrial research in actionable intelligence. We help our clients find solutions to their research needs through our syndicated research and advisory services. We are a technology, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive and defense specialist.

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Call: + 1-646-491-9876


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KKR and Rakuten acquire most of Walmart’s stake in Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu – TechCrunch Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

Walmart ad Today, she will sell most of her shares in Seiyu, the Japanese supermarket chain she acquired 12 years ago, to KKR and Rakuten. The deal values ​​Seiyu at around $ 1.6 billion and means Walmart will almost completely exit operations in Japan.

Under the deal, investment firm KKR will buy a 65% stake in Seiyu, while Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce company, will take a 20% stake through a newly formed subsidiary. called Rakuten DX. Walmart will retain a 15% stake in Seiyu.

After struggling with strong competition in Japan and low margins, Walmart would have considered the re-listing of Seiyu or its holding company, Walmart Japan Holdings last year.

Rakuten already knows about Seiyu’s business because it formed a strategic alliance with Walmart in 2018 which included the launch of an online grocery delivery service in Japan. Called Rakuten Seiyu Netsuper, the online delivery service includes a dedicated distribution center, in addition to inventory picked up from Seiyu supermarkets.

After the deal, Seiyu will be part of Rakuten DX, which aims to bring more physical stores online through Rakuten’s e-commerce and cashless payment channels.

Japan’s online grocery delivery market is lagging behind other countries, in part due to shoppers’ reluctance to buy fresh food online. But the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid change in consumption patterns. According to a July 4 report from the Japan Times, Internet sales accounted for about 5% of total grocery sales, up from 2.5% before the pandemic.

Rakuten’s rivals include grocery delivery services run by Aeon (in partnership with Ocado), Amazon, and Ito-Yokado.

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John Legend apologizes for ‘raising’ activist Adam Foss accused of sexual assault Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

John Legend apologizes to the alleged sexual assault victims of former Massachusetts prosecutor turned criminal justice reform lawyer Adam Foss.

The 42-year-old EGOT winner took to Twitter to post a mea culpa for ‘raising’ Foss in 2015 when Legend and his organization, Free America, were working on a public awareness campaign on prosecutors criminal.

As part of the campaign, John used its considerably broad reach to spotlight “progressive prosecutors,” including Adam Foss.

Background: Adam Foss and John Legend worked together on criminal justice reform in 2015 (Foss pictured in 2018)

Mea culpa: John Legend (left) apologizes to alleged sexual assault victims of former Massachusetts prosecutor turned criminal justice reform lawyer Adam Foss (right)

“In 2015, we (my organization @freeamerica, @tystiklorius and I) helped elevate Adam John Foss and the concept of progressive prosecutors,” Legend wrote in a series of tweets. “I later learned that he was using his platform to harm women.”

“He used my name and association to gain credibility, and although we are engaged in a world where people’s lives are not defined by their mistakes, it is unacceptable to use his power and influence to harm. to women, “the singer-songwriter continued, adding: ‘We are so sorry for all the women he has hurt.’

Many of John’s followers on the platform responded by thanking not only for apologizing, but also for believing the women who brought the sexual assault charges.

In November, Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins announced that a former Massachusetts County District Attorney, Adam Foss, was under investigation for sexual misconduct.

Disagree: The 42-year-old EGOT winner took to Twitter to apologize for 'upping' Foss when Legend and his organization, Free America, were working on a campaign to raise awareness of the issue. public about criminal prosecutors

Disagree: The 42-year-old EGOT winner took to Twitter to apologize for ‘upping’ Foss when Legend and his organization, Free America, were working on a campaign to raise awareness of the issue. public about criminal prosecutors

A guy standing up: Many of John's followers on the platform responded by thanking not only for apologizing but for believing the women who brought the sexual assault charges

A guy standing up: Many of John’s followers on the platform responded by thanking not only for apologizing but for believing the women who brought the sexual assault charges

“I am aware of and troubled by allegations that a former CSAO employee engaged in inappropriate behavior, abuse of authority, unethical or illegal,” Rollins said on social media. “Every allegation will be the subject of a fair and thorough investigation.”

In a press release, Rollins expressed gratitude for the courageous women who brought forward their allegations against Foss, who had been employed as a county prosecutor from 2008 to 2016.

The prosecutor explained that she was made aware of the charges against Foss – which covered his time as a prosecutor and beyond – through an essay published on Way November 17, 2020.

An external law firm has been commissioned to conduct an independent criminal and civil investigation into the allegations.

Charges review: In November, Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins announced that former Massachusetts County District Attorney Adam Foss was under investigation for sexual misconduct

Charges review: In November, Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins announced that former Massachusetts County District Attorney Adam Foss was under investigation for sexual misconduct

In the Medium essay, titled The Wolf and the Whisper Network, the author who described his alleged rape said Foss had John Legend’s name verified when they first met.

“He gave off charisma. I had never heard of him, but a quick google told me he was Adam John Foss, a former prosecutor whose TED Talk 2016 had over 2 million views. He had worked with John Legend, ”wrote author and accuser Raegan Sealy. “Cool, I thought. ”

In response to news that he was under investigation, Foss released a statement at the time denying the charges, according to a report from WBUR.

“Some of my callous and callous behaviors have caused many people anxiety, but I deny any allegation of non-consensual sex,” he said in his statement.

“Regarding the recent statement by District Attorney Rachael Rollins referring to an ongoing investigation, I do not wish to jeopardize this process by commenting further. Also, this is a more appropriate time for me to listen than to talk, ”he continued.

Allegations: In a Medium essay, titled The Wolf and the Whisper Network, the author who described his alleged rape said Foss verified John Legend's name when they first met (Foss pictured in 2018)

Allegations: In a Medium essay, titled The Wolf and the Whisper Network, the author who described his alleged rape said Foss verified John Legend’s name when they first met (Foss pictured in 2018)

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Datastax acquires Kesque as it embarks on data streaming – TechCrunch Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

Data tax, the company best known for commercializing open-source Apache Cassandra Database, goes beyond databases. As the company announced today, it has acquired Kesque, a cloud-based messaging service.

The Kesque team built their service on the Apache Pulsar messaging and streaming project. Datastax has now taken this team’s knowledge in this area and, combined with its own expertise, is launching its own Pulsar-based streaming platform under the name of Datastax Luna Streaming, which is now generally available.

This move is timely because Datastax is also announcing, for the first time, that it is positive and profitable in terms of cash flow, as the company’s product manager, Ed Anuff, told me. “We are over $ 150 million in [annual recurring revenue]. We have a positive cash flow and we are profitable, ”he told me. This is the first time the company has publicly announced this data. In addition, the company also revealed today that around 20% of its annual contract value is now spent on DataStax Astra, its Cassandra managed multi-cloud service, and that the number of self-service Asta subscribers has increased. more than doubled between the third and fourth trimester.

The launch of Luna Streaming now gives 10 year company a new area in which to grow – and one that has obvious adjacencies with its existing product portfolio.

“We looked at how many developers rely on Cassandra,” said Anuff, who joined Datastax after leaving Google Cloud last year. “What they’re doing is tackling what people call ‘data in motion’ use cases. They have huge amounts of data coming in, huge amounts of data going out – and they’re usually looking to do something with streaming in conjunction with that. As we walked in and asked, “What’s next for Datastax? Streaming is going to be a big part of that. “

Given Datastax’s open source roots, it’s no surprise that the team decided to expand their service on another open source project and acquire an open source company to help them do so. Anuff noted that while there was a lot of hype around streaming and Apache Kafka, a cloud-native solution like Pulsar seemed like the best fit for the business. Pulsar was originally developed at Yahoo! (which transparently belongs to the same Verizon Media Group family as TechCrunch) and even before acquiring Kesque, Datastax was already using Pulsar to build its Astra platform. Other Pulsar users include Yahoo, Tencent, Nutanix, and Splunk.

“What we’ve seen is that when you plan to do large-scale streaming, Kafka isn’t the only approach. We looked at it, and we loved the Pulsar architecture, we love what’s going on, we love the community – and remember, we’re a company that grew up in the open source Apache community – we said, ‘Okay, we think he has all the right foundations, let’s go ahead and get involved in that, ”Anuff said. And in doing so, the team met Kesque founder Chris Bartholomew and ultimately decided to acquire his business.

The new Luna Streaming offering will be what Datastax calls a “Success with Apache Pulsar Subscription”. It will include a free, production-ready distribution of Pulsar and an optional subscription level backed by an SLA with enterprise support.

Unsurprisingly, Datastax also plans to stay active in the Pulsar community. The team is already making contributions to the code, but Anuff also pointed out that Datastax is helping with scalability testing. “This is one of the things we learned from our participation in the Apache Cassandra project,” said Anuff. “A lot of what these projects need are people coming in to test, help with deployments, support users. Our goal is to be a great participant in the community.

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Good Vibes: Bladeless Turbines Could Bring Wind Power Into Your Home | Renewable energy Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:17:57 +0000

Giant wind farms that line hills and coasts aren’t the only way to harness the power of the wind, say green energy pioneers who plan to reinvent wind power by giving up the need for towers, blades and even wind.

“We are not against traditional wind farms,” says David Yáñez, inventor of the Vortex Bladeless. His six-person start-up, based just outside Madrid, pioneered a turbine design capable of harnessing the energy of winds without the large white blades considered to be synonymous with wind power.

The design recently won approval from the Norwegian state energy company, Equinor, which named Vortex to a list of the 10 most exciting startups in the energy industry. Equinor will also offer support for the development of startups through its technology accelerator program.

The bladeless turbines stand 3 meters high, a cylinder with a curved top fixed vertically with an elastic rod. To the untrained eye, it appears to move back and forth, much like a car dashboard toy. In reality, it is designed to oscillate in the wind range and generate electricity from the vibrations.

She has already raised eyebrows on the Reddit forum site, where the turbine was likened to a giant vibrating sextoy, or “skybrator”. The unmistakably phallic design drew over 94,000 ratings and 3,500 comments on the site. The top-rated review suggests that a similar device could be found in your mother’s dresser drawer. It received 20,000 positive reviews from Reddit users.

“Our technology has different characteristics that can help fill in the gaps where traditional wind farms might not be suitable,” says Yáñez.

These gaps could include urban and residential areas where the impact of a wind farm would be too great and the space to build one would be too small. It follows the same trend for the small-scale on-site power generation facility, which has helped homes and businesses across the country save on their energy bills.

This could be wind power’s answer to the home solar panel, says Yáñez.

“They complement each other well, because solar panels generate electricity during the day while the wind speed tends to be higher at night,” he says. “But the main advantage of the technology is to reduce its environmental impact, its visual impact and the cost of operating and maintaining the turbine.”

The turbine does not present any danger for bird migration patterns, or wildlife, especially if used in an urban setting. For people living or working nearby, the turbine create noise at a frequency practically undetectable by humans.

“Today the turbine is small and would produce small amounts of electricity. But we are looking for an industrial partner to extend our plans to a 140 meter turbine with a capacity of 1 megawatt ”, explains Yáñez.

Vortex is not the only startup hoping to reinvent wind power. Alpha 311, which started at a garden shed in Whitstable, Kent, has started making a small vertical wind turbine that it says can generate electricity without wind.

The 2-meter turbine, made from recycled plastic, is designed to fit existing street lights and generate electricity as passing cars move air. Independent research commissioned by the company found that each turbine installed along a highway could generate as much electricity as 20 square meters of solar panels, more than enough electricity to keep street lights on and help keep the street lights on. supply the local electrical network.

A reduced version of the turbine, standing at less than 1 meter, will be installed at the O2 Arena in London where it will help generate clean electricity for the 9 million people who visit the entertainment venue in a typical year.

“Although our turbines can be placed anywhere, the optimal location is next to a highway, where they can be installed over existing infrastructure. There’s no need to dig up anything, as they can attach themselves to existing light columns and use existing wiring to directly power the network, ”says Mike Shaw, company spokesperson. “The footprint is small and the highways aren’t exactly beauty spots. “

Perhaps the most ambitious deviation from the standard wind turbine is that of German startup SkySails, which hopes to use an airborne design to harness wind power directly from the sky.

SkySails manufactures large, fully automated kites designed to fly at altitudes of 400 meters to harness the power of high altitude winds. During its ascent the kite pulls a rope attached to a winch and a generator on the ground. The kite generates electricity as it soars into the sky and, when fully unrolled, uses only a fraction of the generated electricity to rise back to the ground.

Stephan Wrage, Managing Director of SkySails, says airborne wind systems mean that “the impact on people and the environment is minimal … The systems run very quietly, have virtually no visible effect on the landscape and barely project a shadow, ”he adds. .

Today, the design can generate a maximum capacity of 100 to 200 kilowatts, but a new partnership with German energy company RWE could increase the potential output from kilowatts to megawatts. A spokesperson for RWE said the couple are currently researching the perfect site for kite flying in the German countryside.

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