Musicals do not persist in our cultural consciousness because they are flawless. Even the greatest musicals aren’t perfect. Instead, they lodge themselves in our memories and pleasure centers because of their unique chemistry: Musicals give us permission to feel everything and feel it deeply, and they do so by transcendingRead More →

If there’s anything better than a killer new music software, it’s software that can help transport you to another world. This is exactly what the Native Instruments Evolution Series Libraries do: capture and encapsulate the raw magic and sound of traditional instruments from around the world, and integrate them directlyRead More →

Click to enlarge Jérémy Daniel photo A story first made famous in an animated ’90s musical makes its way to Spokane via Broadway in a drastically different form. ohof all the animated musicals of my childhood, Anastasia remains the most slept. The 1997 musical follows an 18-year-old orphan with amnesiaRead More →

If you’ve barely known peace since you first saw “Rogers: The Musical” in the Hawk Eye trailer, desperate to figure out the rest of this story arc and busy writing your own fantastic lyrics, you are not alone. Broadway giants Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman – who scored a mega-hitRead More →