Charity performance of the Gypsy musical at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion after a two-year delay

The show was originally due to be staged at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion in March 2020, but was canceled after the dress rehearsal when the Covid lockdown was imposed.

An attempt was then made to relaunch the show in 2021 but with restrictions still in place this never happened.

Finally, it’s the third chance since the Christie company is staging Gypsy at Lowther from Tuesday April 26 to the following Saturday.

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Lola Shaw as Little June and Annie Dawson as Louise in the Christie production of Gypsy

Premiering at Lowther, Christie Company’s Gypsy will be an immersive production with the audience being part of the show.

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Director Peter Taylor said, “We are all thrilled to finally have the opportunity to showcase Gypsy with our wonderfully talented cast.

“It was devastating for everyone when we had to make the decision not to continue production in 2020, but we were determined to come back and now we are all very happy to finally open.

Derek Winward as Herbie and Emma Norman as Rose in the production of Gypsy

“It’s a very exciting production and we’ve designed it in a way that it’s completely immersive for the audience and so it’s something totally new for Lowther Pavilion.”

“The members of the Christie Musical Theater Company are an incredible group of people who work very hard to present a professional production while raising funds for this fantastic charity.”

All proceeds raised by the Christie Musical Theater Company are donated to Manchester-based Christie Hospital.

Since 2010 the company, set up by Hambleton-based Emma Norman and which stages a production every two years, has raised more than £53,000 for the Christie, including a £10,000 donation from the music mogul Simon Cowell in 2019 when he saw the Christie Musical Theatre. Company choir audition for ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Emma, ​​who plays the lead role of Rose, said: “All of our productions are special because we all love the opportunity to use our passion to help a wonderful charitable cause, but this year it’s even more special because we fought tooth and nail to put this show on stage.

“Gypsy is a wonderful production and everyone involved is so excited to be a part of it.”