Coleen Nolan says “the sex is amazing” with a new man and “feels like she’s still 16”

TV personality and former music star Coleen Nolan shared all about her latest love after releasing the estrangement from ex-Ray and admits she was relived when the divorce was finalized after 11 years of marriage

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Coleen Nolan talks about her sexual awakening

Coleen Nolan feels like she’s 16 again as she lifts the veil on her “amazing sex life” with the mysterious man she met on dating site Tinder and her life after breaking up. his wedding.

The outspoken Loose Women panelist isn’t retaining the intimate details of her new love, after five years without sex after breaking up with ex-husband Ray Fensome.

The 56-year-old told The Sun: “He asked me to bring a giraffe costume home from the show the other day? Can you imagine that in the bedroom?

“I made sexy nurse outfits but it would be more like a matron now. Here I share again! Nothing is off limits.

“Every time I talk about how he woke up the tiger in me and how amazing the sex is, he laughs and says, ‘Do you see anyone else? “” All of a sudden I feel like I’m 16 again. “

Animal instinct: Coleen could shake things up in the bedroom


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Coleen had a ‘sexual awakening’ after 11 years of marriage ended


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Former hitmaker kicks off new chapter after 11 years of marriage to Ray and says it was actually the couple’s 20-year-old daughter Ciara who made him realize they couldn’t continue together .

Coleen had fought to save her marriage to Ray, recalls: “ I was trying so hard to make it work because I was so worried about the effect her mother and father separation might have on she. Oddly enough, she was the one who finally persuaded me to finish him off with Ray. ”

The TV personality was already aware of the challenges of divorce and the impact it can have, as she was previously married to EastEnders star Shane Ritchie between 1990 and 1997 and shares two sons, Shane Nolan, 30. , and Jake Roche, 29.

Coleen and her son Shane Roche in 2016


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And although she’s been married for most of her adult life, she’s not in the phase of being alone – far from it, she has found her solo status somewhat liberating.

Coleen said: “As soon as your marriage or relationship ends, people say, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll meet someone soon.’ Think a woman needs to meet someone? ‘ I really didn’t. “

But despite opening up her sex life, she is yet to go public with the name of her new man she met on Tinder after sifting through potential suitors who used cheesy conversation lines to seduce her.

Coleen says of her mystery man, who works in the food industry, “I want to keep it to myself because I like its normalcy. Maybe that’s why sex is different.” Did they meet on Tinder? where other guys eligible on the dating app thought the former pop star’s profile was wrong, or they would use a naff chat line based on The Nolans’ biggest hit title.

She said, “Are you in the mood to dance? I’ve had it at least 1,000 times.”

Coleen shares the life lessons she learned in her new book Live. To laugh. Love: Lessons I’ve Learned, by Coleen Nolan, published by Constable, is out now for £ 16.99.

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