Eagles Pro Bowler finally responds to wild trade rumors


The Philadelphia Eagles right guard is coming back from his second Achilles tear in three seasons, with no sign of retiring soon.

Philadelphia Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks said a sense of peace had gripped him this offseason during rehab. He is trying to come back from his second big Achilles tear in three years and has no doubts that he will come back stronger.

Brooks looks forward to reclaiming his place as football’s top offensive lineman. Period. Mind on matter, even with her 32nd birthday (August 19) on the horizon.

“I think the biggest thing everyone forgets is that I tore my Achilles before and when I came back I was the best. Period,” Brook told reporters Thursday. “So that being said, what tells you it’s going to be different this time around?”

“And that’s exactly how I feel. I guess there might be some debate, like proving if you can be healthy, proving if you can get through 17 games now, things like that. But in terms of your evidence, what have we done? This is the question. What have we done?

The triple Pro Bowler – and the NFL’s best offensive lineman of 2019, via Pro Football Focus – has been brutally honest about his past and his future after the Eagles’ OTAs. Brooks has seen the “highest of highs” (read: Super Bowl champion) and “lowest of lows” (see: left Achilles, right Achilles, dislocated shoulder) during his distinguished eight-year career. And he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

“Every year I just get better, even after the injury I got better,” said Brooks. “As long as I decide to play, I think I can maintain this level if not better. And that has always been my motto. I’m never satisfied with people who call me good, people who call me awesome – as far as I’ve accomplished, it’s the bad games I’ve played, it’s the bad games I’ve had, that set me apart more than any success for me.

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Brooks confirms business rumors were true

Brooks said last year’s injury changed his perspective as he began to “see things in a different light.” But the 346-pounder was not blind that the Eagles attempted to trade him in March in order to clear a salary cap. No team has come into these reported discussions, but Brooks has heard the rumors. He thinks they were 100% true and correct.

“Well, it was true. I think you know, let’s just say that, ”Brooks said. “I think, I don’t mean all the rumors are true because they aren’t, but if there are enough people saying it, it must be something… something is going on, n ‘is this not? It’s a deal, man. It is something that you cannot lose sight of, it is a business.

Brooks was not hurt by the decision and he does not harbor any ill will towards the front office. He knows why: Brooks is older, with a scary injury history, and the Eagles have been in salary cap hell. However, Brooks had a little gripe about how it all turned out, maybe more of a request.

“It didn’t hurt my feelings,” Brooks said. “The only thing I wish about it was actually, instead of hearing it from my mom, like my mom was like ‘where are we going?’ It would be nice to get a phone call like “Hey, this is what’s going on”. Other than that, it’s a business, man. I never lose sight of that.

Ready to play if the Eagles made the playoffs

Another interesting piece of information Brooks revealed was that he had been fully cleared to play had the Eagles made it to the playoffs. He returned to the driving range on December 31, just six and a half months after tearing his left Achilles tendon while running sprints before training camp 2020. The Eagles kept him out of the injured reserve last year with the intention that he can dress. Now we know he was ready to go.

“If we had made it to the playoffs, I would have played in the playoffs,” said Brooks. “So when I was cleared in December, I was cleared, as good as ready to go.”

Brooks credited his first leg surgery – he tore his right Achilles tendon in 2018 – for mentally preparing him to embrace the grind and persevere. His 2019 season was one for the records.

“So the first one really helped me with the second because there was never really a doubt in my mind if I could come back,” Brooks said. “Because I did and when I came back I was the best in the league.”


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