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England bowling coach Jon Lewis admitted the hosts weren’t too happy with the soft signal call regarding Devon Conway, which gave the New Zealand batsman an early reprieve up his sleeves.

In the 10th round of the New Zealand round of Day 2 of the Edgbaston test, Conway edged out England leader Stuart Broad on the third slide, Zak Crawley achieving a weak “hold”.

The on-court referee sent the decision upstairs with a soft signal of “no out”. Reruns were inconclusive and the New Zealand drummer survived, leaving Broad visibly frustrated. To add to England’s woes, Conway went on to score a sharp 80.

At the end of the day Lewis, while addressing the press, made it clear that the English side were disappointed with the decision in favor of the batsman. He also questioned the logic of a soft signal. Lewis said:

“You could see from the reaction on the pitch that they were clearly frustrated by this. It’s sport and it divides opinions. New Zealand will be happy, we will be frustrated. But the question really is whether the soft signal is required? Should there be one, or could the guy off the pitch make the decision? “You have to ask the question, is it necessary? Should you make life as easy as possible? to officials? ”

Conway, on the other hand, offered a different perspective on the English camp. Opener Kiwi, who recorded a double cent on his test debut at Lord’s last week, said if the technology is there it should be used. The 29-year-old, reflecting on the incident, commented:

“I nicked him and looked back because I wasn’t 100% sure he would win. I just stood there waiting and seeing if the ref was going to give me and luckily, the decision went my way. I’m grateful enough he maybe bounced past the fielder and I’m pretty happy I had another chance. We have the technology to prove if the guys catch him or if it falls short, why not use the technology if we have it? ”

Stuart Broad showed England the way: Jon Lewis

While England had a tough day at the office, Broad was by far their best bowler. He claimed 2 for 22 in 15 overs, and also topped Courtney Walsh’s record of 519 try wickets. Lewis praised Broad’s efforts and said:

“He was exceptional, he played fantastically well, really made a change the whole time and showed the other guys the way.”

Lewis also admitted that Dan Lawrence’s sacking of Will Young (82) towards the end of the day was a much-needed respite:

“It was a real bonus window. It will make our life a bit easier and give us someone fresh to play bowling.”

Responding to a total of 303 first innings for England, New Zealand had progressed to 229 for 3 on stumps on Matchday 2. Ross Taylor is undefeated in 46.

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VIRAL VIDEO: “Karma hits boaters” after alleged harassment on the lake Sat, 12 Jun 2021 02:02:18 +0000

LAKE MOSES, Wash. (BRPROUD) – A family day of tubing, swimming and listening to music turned dramatic on a lake over the weekend.

On Sunday, May 30, a family of four and an emotional support dog were on Lake Moses in Washington when an incident unfolded which has since gone viral.

Robbie was a passenger on a boat with his brother, his girlfriend and his brother’s partner.

At around 7pm, Robbie’s brother (@uhohbigboi) filmed videos which have been viewed approximately 13.5 million times.

Robbie describes how the events unfolded on the lake as follows:

We had taken our boat around the Blue Heron Park area. Our boat, as usual, sported my personal rainbow flag at one of my first pride events. Along with a Trans Pride Flag and a new addition, our Progress Pride Flag which features stripes supporting people of color and trans people. My brother had also displayed his own smaller rainbow flag at his first pride event.

The four had just finished the casing when they noticed a boat heading towards them.

“The boat approached quickly and due to our music and their boat engine, I personally only heard the passenger shout something unintelligible and witnessed what I first said. supposed to be her knocking us over as they passed, “according to Robbie.

A second pass was made by the other boat and the term “gays” was reportedly used by the occupants.

More passes followed and Robbie said boaters were shouting words like “gay” and other teasing.

Robbie’s brother mentioned that “they do this to humiliate us. They cause waves that rock us back and forth and we can’t say anything or they will keep doing it.

After several passages, the boat left the area, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.

In a few moments, a strong flashback and spitting were heard from the boat which had just left the scene.

Black smoke was seen rising from the boat and after trying to restart the boat an explosion occurred which caused the operator of Robbie’s boat to say “Holy shit!” They exploded!

The operator of Robbie’s boat immediately went to rescue the boaters now in the water.

A passenger shouted: “HELP US!” WE’RE BURNING, ”says Robbie.

A rescue ensued which took place a few meters from the still burning boat.

After leaving the scene of the fire, 911 was called and a police boat pulled up to make sure everyone was okay.

Robbie said: “All 3 passengers appeared to have burnt faces, arms and legs, but eventually everyone admitted that they did not need immediate medical attention.”

The boat fire was extinguished and the rescued boaters were taken to their friend’s boat.

Robbie recounts what happened on the way to the boat in his words:

We stayed for us most of the time as our driver tried to calm the passenger down and have them delivered to their friends who they insisted we take them. The passengers were quite rude, yelling at us, ignoring my questions about their welfare when calling 911 and smoking a vape pen on our boat without even asking if they could; several passengers on our boat suffer from asthma. The driver of the other boat didn’t say much but just sat in the back of the boat, gazing into the water while shaking his head to himself.

Robbie says no one said thank you as they got off the boat.

The group then viewed the videos and concluded that they appeared to show the other passengers on the boat “directly harassing us just for displaying our LGBTQ pride flags.”

Grant County Sheriff’s Office responds after watching the viral video.

GCSO issued this statement regarding the incident:

The incident appears to show a blue vessel circling another vessel, and an occupant of the blue vessel holding out a middle finger towards the person recording the incident. The video also shows the blue vessel on fire and the occupants of the blue vessel swimming towards the vessel recording the incident.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing and more information will be provided if available.

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Inland Valley Repertory Theater features drama camp, live drama – Daily Bulletin Sat, 12 Jun 2021 01:09:51 +0000

The Claremont-based Inland Valley Repertory Theater will present a live performance of Donald Margulies’ “Dinner with Friends” at 7 pm on June 15 and 16.

Patrick Brien directs the Inland Valley Repertory Theater production of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

In the play, Gabe and Karen, a happily married couple, discover that the married friends they introduced years ago are on the verge of divorce. Time goes back 12 years to the couple’s first meeting and throughout the play the two couples are seen at different times during their friendship and marriage.

“The communication that seems to flow so easily between the characters in Margulies can mask something else that people struggle with – the inability to communicate,” Brien said in a press release. “One thing is certain. There is a universality in Margulies’ work. Never has it been more apparent than in this play.

Tickets for the live performances are $ 27, available at

Following “Dinner with Friends,” Inland Valley Repertory Theater will present Camp IVRT with in-person musical theater summer camps and the return of its interactive online theater program.

High school and college student counselors from the Camp IVRT musical theater program at the Inland Valley Repertory Theater distribute activity kits to attendees of the 2020 Summer Program at a drive-through event. The Camp IVRT 2021 program offers in-person and online activities. (Photo by Donna Marie Minano, Inland Valley Repertory Theater)

In the program, students aged 7 to 13 will create an original piece with songs from Broadway musicals.

Professional teacher artists and high school student assistants will work with students in person and in Zoom Music, Drama and Movement classes.

Online students will also work with a professional filmmaker to learn how to act for the camera, and each child can begin to create an actor ‘reel’ to keep.

“I am more than delighted to announce, in addition to our talented team of teaching artists, the virtual addition this summer of Spencer Weitzel who will teach ‘Act for the Camera'”, Donna Marie Minano, Executive Director of Inland Valley Repertory Theater. “In this new era of theater reinvention, knowing how to translate stage performance to screen has become a very important skill and I am delighted that our students are able to work with Spencer.”

Intensive Saturday in-person classes will be held from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on June 25 and July 10, 17 and 24 at the Foothill County Day School campus, 1035 Harrison Ave., Claremont. COVID-19 safety instructions will be followed.

Two virtual sessions, June 21 to 25 and June 28 to July 2, meet from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday, and a virtual performance camp runs from July 12 to 30.

For course prices and to register, go to or call 909-720-7324. Thanks to a grant from the California Arts Council, several full and partial scholarships are available.

Camp IVRT is an educational outreach program of the Inland Valley Repertory Theater Company. Camp IVRT was started by Inland Valley Repertory Theater co-founder Donna Marie Minano, a faculty member at the Claremont Community School of Music and a music teacher at Claremont.

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Simone Biles possesses her NFL boyfriend Jonathan Owens in a rope climbing competition – NBC Chicago Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:22:34 +0000

Simone Biles owns her NFL boyfriend in a rope climbing competition originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Simone Biles has already broken records, defied gravity and made history as the first woman to win seven US multiple gymnastics titles before the Tokyo 2020 Games. But the Olympic gymnast added another achievement to her list in the list. trailer for his new documentary Simone against herself.

In the short clip for the upcoming new series, which aired on Facebook Watch on June 15, Biles challenges her boyfriend, Houston Texans goalie Jonathan Owens, to a rope climb race. She proves that even an NFL player doesn’t measure up to a world-class athlete like her.

“I was about three-quarters of the way there,” Owens said in the clip. “I just burned down.”

Simone against herself will discuss how Biles tackled one of the toughest challenges of his career, the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Games last year. She talks about her mental state at the time and the expectations she set for herself before the Olympics this summer.

Biles is expected to dominate in Japan, but it’s unclear who will compete alongside him.

This will be finalized at the Olympic gymnastics trials in the United States. Coverage will air on NBC starting June 25 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT and will continue on June 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT.

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Saratoga Lake – Let’s Go Boating Exhibition Opens at Saratoga Children’s Museum | Local News Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – A new Saratoga Lake – Let’s Go Boating exhibit is now open at the Children’s Museum in Saratoga thanks to a partnership with Freedom Boat Club Lake George.

The interactive, kid-friendly, colorful and immersive boating and fishing exhibit, which made its official debut this week, is designed to help young children use play to enhance their social and emotional development, as well. than to learn to communicate, observe and solve problems. resolve with each other as they work their way through the exhibit.

The lake exhibit joins longtime favorite museums like the theater, wagon, fire truck, restaurant, grocery store, bandstand and stable.

The exhibit offers children the opportunity to take a boat ride fueled by their imagination while learning about different animals and plants in their natural habitat.

To further enhance the educational value of the exhibit, there are additional interactive elements that visitors can engage with as they experience life on the lake.

The Lake Saratoga exhibit features a refurbished rowboat using a salvaged steering wheel and throttle control, an interactive tying panel featuring four common navigation knots, an interactive fishing game, and a life jacket station.

The owners of the Freedom Boat Club, Matt and Rebecca O’Hara, have been members of the museum for several years and presented the idea to museum staff last year.

“We are frequent visitors to the Museum with our 5 and 3 year old daughters; we saw the joy they get from interacting with the steering wheels and controls of our club boats, we thought it would be great to improve the interactivity of the boat display at the museum, ”Rebecca said in a commentary. Press release. “We were delighted when Sarah and her museum team were open to working with us to not only add the boat controls, but also to dramatically improve the space with the fishing and knotting panels.”

The couple also believe that the exhibit and future programming designed around it will allow visitors to have a more hands-on experience of the joys of boating, the value of boat safety and the importance of know and respect the ecosystems around the region. some lakes.

“We strongly believe that time spent boating as a family is one of the best quality times we have with our children and we want to continue to make boating more accessible in the area,” added Matt.

In April, the museum reopened to in-person visitors. Since that time, hundreds of kids have visited and interacted with Lake Saratoga – Let’s Go Boating. While ‘driving’ the boat itself is a favorite among visitors, the new interactive fishing exhibit is extremely popular with visitors of all ages.

Looking ahead, the Saratoga Children’s Museum recently announced plans to move to the Lincoln Baths building in Saratoga Spa State Park.

“The changes to this exhibit provide visitors with a glimpse of what lies ahead for the future of the Museum,” Executive Director Sarah Smith said in the release. “Many of the museum’s most beloved exhibits will be transformed when the museum reopens in its new location in Saratoga State Park.”

More information about the Saratoga Children’s Museum is available online at

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Bowlers mourn loss of Ottawa 10pin last lane Fri, 11 Jun 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Passionate bowlers are wondering what to do with their free time after Ottawa’s only 10-pin bowling alley announces its permanent closure.

McArthur Lanes, a staple in Ottawa’s Vanier neighborhood since 1962, announced on his Facebook page that it was shutting down after the owner sold the property. The owner declined an interview with CBC.

“There is no doubt that losing McArthur Lanes is the end of an era for Vanier,” said Nathalie Carrier, Executive Director of the Vanier Business Improvement Association (BIA).

It was so iconic in our community and throughout Ottawa.– Nathalie Carrier, BIA Vanier

Bowling was a landmark for the neighborhood as the BIA recently put its name on its T-shirts, Carrier said.

“It was so iconic in our community and throughout Ottawa.

For the past decade, Bob Kaminsky has played McArthur Lanes every Wednesday as part of a Winter Bowling League. He said he was sad to see it close because he prefers 10 pin bowling over five pin bowling.

“It’s the only 10 pin lane left in town, and being a former Montrealer that’s what I grew up on,” Kaminsky said. “It brought back memories of my childhood in Montreal, and now it’s gone.”

Denis Ste-Marie says there are no more 10pin lanes in Ottawa and he doesn’t know when he will be able to use his bowling ball again. (Hugo Bélanger / Radio-Canada)

Like Kaminsky, Denis Ste-Marie spent years 10-pin bowling at McArthur Lanes and was looking forward to returning this fall. The bowling alley has been closed for much of the pandemic.

Ste-Marie said he could go to Gatineau, Quebec, where there are 10 pin lanes, but would prefer another one to open in Ottawa.

“I just hope that somewhere someone can carry the banner and open something new somewhere in Ottawa,” said Ste-Marie, adding that he doubted that would happen anytime soon. “It’s only a hope.”

Louis Pizza shares a parking lot with McArthur Lanes. Louis owner Moe Saab said the two companies worked well in tandem. (Hugo Bélanger / Radio-Canada)

One of the neighbors in the bowling alley is also sad to see him go. Moe Saab, owner of Louis Pizza next to McArthur Lanes, said the two companies are complementary.

“All of our customers… they bowled there. They would come over for supper and they would go bowling,” Saab said.

For Kaminsky, the closure could mean finding a new weekly activity.

“We will have to make other plans on Wednesday nights from now on,” he said.

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Lake Placid Soccer Center Brings Back Day Camps | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 11 Jun 2021 04:12:30 +0000

The Lake Placid Soccer Center is hosting soccer camps for the 45th year. (Photo provided)

LAKE PLACID – The Lake Placid Soccer Center will host soccer camps for the 45th year this summer.

However, there have been some adjustments from past opportunities. This year there will be no night camps, only day camps. Two of the clinics will be held at the North Elba Show Grounds July 12-16 and August 16-20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Canton will also be organizing a day camp from July 23 to 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All camps have an age range of 8 to 18 years old. Each camp also has half days available for the 5 to 8 age group.

The camps will use Coerver training methods that have been used around the world and at Lake Placid Soccer Center for over 40 years.

“We are all focused on developing individual football skills, whether a beginner or an experienced athlete,” said Mike McGlynn, one of the co-founders of LPSC. The Lake Placid Soccer Center also works on teamwork, exercise, and communication, with fun activities centered around short-term soccer matches.

Register online at

The latest news today and more in your inbox

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Number of oil and gas rigs in the United States climbs from 8 to 560 thanks to strong Permian activity Thu, 10 Jun 2021 19:04:00 +0000

Strong points

Oil rigs up to 5 to 430; gas platforms climb from 3 to 129

Number of Permian platforms highest since April 2020

Iran nuclear deal could put pressure on Eagle Ford’s business

The number of oil and gas rigs in the United States climbed from eight to 560 during the week ending June 9, rig data provider Enverus said on June 10, as the number of Oil rigs were reaching new heights in 14 months.

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The number of platforms primarily chasing oil climbed from five to 430, the highest since the week ended April 15, while the number of gas-focused platforms rose from three to 129. The number of platforms classified as chasing both oil and gas remained stable at one. .

The nationwide increase was led by a continuing upward trend in drilling activity in the Permian Basin, where the number of rigs climbed from 10 to 253. This was the most big jump of a week in the number of the basin since the beginning of March and pushed the number of platforms to the highest since the week ended April 22, 2020.

But the number of platforms lacked direction across the other named major oil basins.

Operators added two platforms in the Denver-Julesburg game, pushing the active total there to a 12-week high of 15.

In Williston Basin’s Bakken game, the number of platforms was stable at 19.

The number of rigs in the West Texas Eagle Ford Basin was lower for a second week, falling from one to 37. The number of rigs in the Basin is now about 16% lower than its peak in early May and was last lower in the week ended March 10.

In the SCOOP-STACK, operators idled a single platform, leaving a total of 24 in active service. Despite the pullback, the number of drilling rigs in the basin remains near 14-month highs.

Among the main gas-focused areas, the number of rigs was higher only in the Marcellus Shale, where operators added a single rig for a total of 35. Notably, the additional Marcellus rig was added in the liquid-rich part of the basin, while the number of platforms in the dry gas part remained unchanged at 24.

In the adjacent Utica Basin, the number of platforms fell from 1 to 10, marking a 15-week low.

Haynesville’s rig count fell from one to 53 but has remained within the range seen since late April.

Iran nuclear deal could put pressure on Eagle Ford’s demand for condensate

The potential of adding Iranian barrels to the world market if a deal between the United States and Iran is reached on nuclear negotiations could reduce demand for American condensate.

While Iran’s heavier crude grades compete with heavy acid barrels from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Oman and Venezuela, among others, Iranian condensate could put pressure on the US Eagle Ford condensate market share.

An agreement between the two sides could allow Iran to return to its pre-sanction production levels. Iran produced 2.43 million bpd of crude in April, according to S&P Global Platts’ latest survey of OPEC production, down from pre-sanctions production of between 3.8 and 3.9 million bpd.

This market share, however, could already decline as US exports of condensate fell in 2021 from 2020 and 2019 levels. In the first five months of 2021, US exports of condensate averaged only 10,666 b / d, compared to the 2020 average of 69,588 b / d and the 2019 average of 60,657 b / d, according to data from Kpler, a data intelligence firm, as purchases at Netherlands and United Arab Emirates declined.

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Weekend boating-related deaths call attention to continued vigilance on local waterways Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:28:01 +0000

Officials at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency focus on water safety and boating safety.

By Tamas Mondovics

As the busy Memorial Holiday weekend has passed, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has placed emphasis on the use of life jackets when boating safely and responsibly. TWRA officers were on the lookout over the long weekend for unsafe boating behaviors, such as navigation under the influence (BUI) and other reckless operations.

TWRA agents are currently investigating a boating incident on Lake Fort Loudoun last Saturday afternoon that resulted in the deaths of two people. TWRA Sgt. Roy Smith reports that around 4:30 p.m., a pontoon boat operated by a 70-year-old man, Terrance Andrew Dea, traveling upstream in the Little River Lake portion, was passed by a personal watercraft operated by an 18-year-old. old Emma Renée Fila.

A few minutes later, the pontoon boat fell on top of the watercraft and the operator was floating face down in the water after the watercraft collided with a concrete railroad bridge support. The operator of the pontoon boat jumped into the water to rescue the watercraft operator but was incapacitated by a medical emergency. Passers-by on another boat pulled the two victims out of the water and administered CPR to them; However, neither survived, officers said.

Ms. Fila, who operated the watercraft, wore a life jacket and the ignition switch lanyard, as required by law. Terrance Andrew Dea, the operator of the pontoon boat, was not wearing a life jacket. TWRA offers its prayers and condolences to the families of the victim and would like to thank the Knoxville Police Department, Knox Co. Fire and Rescue Services and AMR Emergency Medical Services for their assistance.

“Paddleboards, canoes and kayaks are pleasure craft and should not be treated like toys,” said Cpt. Matt Majors, TWRA Boating Investigator. “Boaters should have the correct life jackets and wear them. It is important to stay away from swollen streams and rivers, as the waters can be dangerous for novice boaters.

In 2020 on Tennessee waters, the TWRA reported 22 boating-related fatalities, an increase of 16 from the same period the previous year. There were also 49 incidents with 65 injuries and 70 incidents of property damage. As the summer boating season heats up, boaters are urged to follow safety guidelines and not take those guidelines for granted.

Johnson County’s Watauga Lake is a popular boating destination for locals. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has placed an emphasis on the use of life jackets when boating in a safe and responsible manner. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

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New Zealand members explain what makes their bowling group special Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:44:39 +0000

New Zealand bowling coach Shane Jurgensen and point guard Tim Southee and Neil Wagner provided insight into what makes their bowling group so great.

In a video uploaded by the official Black Caps Twitter account, Jurgensen explained that the team environment is one of trust and selflessness.

He said he was pleased to see the combined attitude of the bowling group, adding that they were on the verge of leaving a “fantastic legacy” for New Zealand.

“I think what’s really important is that the guys really care about the success of this team. There are definitely times when you have those relationships in the environment and the trust, the culture is there, I think it’s been really nice for me is to see how truly selfless everyone is. I know these guys are leaving a fantastic legacy for the cricket team. “

Tim Southee, the longest-serving member of his department, said Kiwi bowlers are not easily satisfied and always strive to be better.

“One of the characteristics of this group is that the guys are not happy and always looking to improve and that’s kind of the part of the environment where even at 32 you are still looking for ways to. improve your game, ways to bring the game to a new level. “

New Zealand are currently one of the few teams to cover all bases. Southee, Wagner, Trent Boult, Kyle Jamieson and Matt Henry form one of the most equipped pace-quintets in the world.

Ajaz Patel and Mitchell Santner are excellent spinners, while Colin de Grandhomme and Daryl Mitchell tick the boxes for all-rounders.

“This is arguably the best moment in New Zealand cricket” – Neil Wagner

Wagner praised De Grandhomme, Mitchell and Henry, saying it was probably New Zealand cricket’s best era in terms of bowling wealth.

“Us as a bowling group, along with Colin de Grandhomme and Daryl Mitchell and all the other guys too… Matt Henry, who had a really good success with the Dukes ball here in England. the best time at New Zealand Cricket with the wealth of bowlers and experience. “

New Zealand are currently playing their second test against England at Edgbaston. The hosts have won the toss and strike first.

Edited by Arjun Panchadar

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