Vote Arts & Minds is a November 2022 ballot measure that will provide additional funding for music and arts education in California schools – without raising taxes

On the occasion of the month of celebration of music in our schools, from March 1 to 31, musicians will lend their talents to raise awareness and collect signatures for “The arts and music in the school – Law on the guarantee of funding and responsibility »

Performers include Orville Peck, Mereba, 5 Seconds of Summer, Palaye Royale, Local Natives, Duff McKagan, Jeremy Renner and more

HOLLYWOOD, CA., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced “Vote Arts and Minds Sessions”. The month-long digital concert series will feature nearly three dozen artists in support of Vote Arts & Spiritsan initiative to educate, raise awareness and advocate for a California a statewide ballot increases support for arts and music education each year. Departure 1st of March and timed for Music Month in Our Schools, popular artists from a variety of musical genres will perform hit songs and share personal stories about the importance of arts education while discussing the impact these creative programs have on their career.

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Music has been a major source of inspiration for all the artists involved and those who have received instruction from teachers or mentors have been given the necessary foundation to learn the skills needed to succeed in their careers. As they envision the next generation of performers, these artists have chosen to dedicate their time to raising awareness for a ballot measure that will provide all students across California, regardless of income, with the same benefits. To view the digital concert series, fans and supporters can log on to Fender’s and Flood Magazine YouTube channels. Palaye Royale kicks off the digital concert today and their performance can be viewed on both channels.

“We know from experience that access to music and the arts has the power to change lives,” said EvanJoneschief marketing officer at Fender and co-chair of the Fender Play Foundation. “Our support of this initiative is fully in line with the Fender Play Foundation’s commitment to equip, educate and inspire the next generation. We are extremely grateful to the artists of the FMIC family for lending their voices, share their talent and draw attention to the impact this measure can have on California young people for generations to come. “

California depends on public school arts and music educators to inspire a diverse and creative group of future talent. Again, California significantly underfunded music and the arts in schools, ranking far behind the national average. The Vote Arts & Minds ballot measure is designed to address this issue by permanently dedicating additional funds to music and arts education in California schools – without raising taxes.

The measure provides a new stream of funding dedicated to arts and music education equivalent to 1% of the state’s existing K-12 annual investment – generating nearly $900 million in additional annual funding. This measure would provide additional funding to schools beyond the Prop. 98 and is specifically designed to protect existing public education funding, including Prop. $98. Every K-12 public school will receive funding, and the measure provides an additional allocation to schools that serve low-income students to address the lack of equitable access to arts and music education. This new funding will increase the number of arts and music educators in classrooms by more than 50% and increase the allocation to schools that serve low-income students, helping to create more equitable and inclusive access. to music and artistic education. The “Vote Arts and Minds Sessions” concert aims to help raise awareness of the measure of the ballot and collect the additional 623,000 valid signatures needed to qualify the initiative for the November 2022 California State Ballot.

‘The Arts and Music in Schools – Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act’ (also known as ‘Vote Arts & Minds’) – which was put in place by former LAUSD Superintendent, Austin Beutnerhas already captured the attention of educators, parents, top talent, and entertainment and music industry executives, including Dr. Dre, Issa Raewil.i.am and jimmy iovine.

“The effort will improve the lives of more than 6 million students in public schools across California ensuring they have access to arts and music education at school,” said Austin Beutnerpresident of Californians for Arts and Music in Public Schools and supporter of the ballot initiative. “We are grateful for the commitment and support from Fender and all the artists who join the effort.”

In addition to playing hit songs, each day during the “Vote Arts and Minds Sessions” a different artist or group will provide personal testimonials about their experience in arts and music education, how voting will benefit young people in ‘today and tomorrow, and encourage recorded California voters to support the initiative by signing the ballot petition on VoteArtsandMinds.org.

kick off with Royal Palace to 1st of Marchthe digital concert series features an all-star lineup and includes performances by Orville PeckMereba, 5 seconds of summer, local natives, Duff McKagan, Jeremy Renner, and more. Follow Fender’s social media and Flood Magazine for upcoming schedules each week.

“I grew up in a public school system in Seattle which was enhanced by music and arts programs,” said Duff McKaganGuns N’ Roses bass player. “Whether in the band classroom or in the rehearsal spaces where I jammed with friends and rock and rolled, these programs created a community that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

“A well-funded music and arts program provides the opportunity for an endless amount of self-expression,” said Riverdale” actor and singer-guitarist of Motherlover, Hart Denton. “Access to music and arts education for students is extremely important and I am grateful for the steps Fender has taken to make this possibility a reality for so many amazing children hungry for expression.”

“Students need an outlet to explore and develop their limitless creativity, and music and arts programs are the best space to do that,” said singer-songwriter, Claudius. “Having learned an art form gives those who want to pursue it, professionally, a huge advantage. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn and develop their passions.”

The artists chosen to participate in the “Vote Arts and Minds Sessions” have a large, diverse and passionate fan base; participating artists will ask each of their fans to show their support for the initiative.

To learn more about how you can support “The Arts and Music in Schools – Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act”, visit VoteArtsandMinds.org.

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The Arts and Music in Schools measure aims to increase funding for arts and music education in K-12 public schools across the state – without raising taxes. It provides a new stream of funding dedicated to arts and music education equivalent to 1% of the state’s existing annual K-12 investment – ​​generating nearly $900 million over a year of new funding for arts education programs. Funding for the initiative will cover a wide range of arts and music education courses critical to student development, including traditional music, visual and performing arts, computer graphics, animation, coding and costume design. An additional allowance will be given to schools serving low-income students to address the lack of equitable access to arts and music education.

To learn more about this effort and to sign up for updates and volunteer opportunities, please visit: www.VoteArtsandMinds.org

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