Former sex worker, author and activist Nalini Jameela proves herself as a costume designer

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Nalini Jameela has taken on several roles in life. The sex worker, author and activist recently dabbled in costume design. And when the Kerala State Film Awards were announced just over a week ago, she got the Special Jury Mention for the film’s costume design. Bharathapuzha. This is the debut film by documentary maker Manilal and the film focuses on the point of view of dirty roulette sex worker, Sugandhi.

Jameela is impressed with the way Manilal handled the subject. In fact, Manilal has been a friend of hers for several years. Cinema is not a new area for her either. She has worked on short films and starred in documentaries. When Manilal approached her asking for help choosing the costumes for the heroine of Bharathapuzha, she gladly accepted.

Jameela explained to The new Indian express how she selected sarees for the protagonist of Bharathapuzha, a character whose experiences are similar to his. Jameela said she chose sarees with dark tones for the scenes shot after sunset and light colors for daylight. She picked up cotton sarees for the character when she had to go to offices. It was Jameela who also chose the costumes of some male characters. Jameela also helped the actress understand the nuances of the character since the role of a sex worker was new to the actor.

“Sex workers don’t want empathy from society. They want solidarity, ”she said in a telephone conversation about their rights.

Speaking about cinemas and portraying sex workers, Jameela praised a few Tamil films, namely Flashlight and Dhanam for their daring stories. As for malayalam, Shutter was commendable, she said.

Since she has proven herself behind the camera and as a costume designer, shouldn’t she expect more projects to come now?

“A lot of people find it hard to associate my name with costume design. Because they know Nalini Jameela. But naturally, they haven’t heard of a costume designer Nalini Jameela yet,” she said. .

Jameela is someone who lives her life on her own terms after overcoming difficult phases of her life as a sex worker. His works The autobiography of a sex worker and Romantic encounters with a sex worker were bestsellers. So it should come as no surprise if this activist who works for the welfare of sex workers will be successful in the near future in Mollywood.

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