From DJ to Audiovisual Director of musical projects: Reinier Charón

“Creativity and innovation are key ingredients for audiovisual works, as they help connect artists with audiences,” said Reinier Charón Morales, CEO of El Templo Producciones, a successful Cuban audiovisual production company. to transcend places like New York and Mexico.

Beyond creating a video, Reinier saves the details that make each audiovisual connect with the audience. “I started rapping, then I was a DJ, which led me to meet many people from the artistic world. Some time later, I discovered my interest in audiovisual creation and decided to devote myself to it. I managed to work with music and the art of videos, it fills me because they are my two great passions”, he declared.

Throughout his career he has participated as general manager and director of photography with artists such as Lester Brayzan, El Piscis, D’William, Elaine Hernández, Golpe Seko, Cubacaribe, La conga los Oyos, Sepeteto Santiaguero and Waldo Mendoza.

Mexico could not be missing from his list, because the clip for the song “Borracho” by Lester Brayazan was directed by Reinier. “It was an opportunity to show the world the high cultural level that this country has, because music has broken down barriers. In this work we seek to highlight the fusion of Mexican music. In Cuba there is a big influence through mariachis and serenades, that’s why I think it’s very important that artists see an opportunity in Mexican music. And I feel luckier to be able to carry this banner through my creative work in broadcasting,” he said.

Among his achievements to date, the documentary “This is our Changüí” stands out. He was awarded at the Music Awards Festival in New York; the music video for the song “Ya no Hablamos”, by the group Real Familia, won the popularity award at the Guantánamo Moviendo Festival; in addition to various Lucas Award nominations and recognitions, from Cuba. His audiovisual work for Cubacaribe, a company that works with contemporary music dancers, with whom he has worked since 2017, also stands out. “Right now we’re making a documentary called ‘Mouth of the shark’ with this company,” he said.

Currently, Reinier is CEO of El Templo Producciones, a Cuban audiovisual production company that has allowed him to spread the culture, talents, music and creativity of his native country throughout the world. He does not exclude the possibility of creating a work on Mexico, because as he mentions, “it would be an honor to be able to save the culture and the religion that they have. I would also like to make a documentary about the lives of personalities like José José and Juan Gabriel, because my work is dedicated precisely to music and I am sure that I could connect with people through a project like this” , did he declare.

“One of the most important things that we human beings have is to be able to bring our talent to more people, it’s all about focusing and finding what we love so much so that we can enjoy it. every step on our way. I still have a lot to learn, so we continue to prepare every day,” concluded Reinier.

Reinier Charon Morales was born on November 1, 1983 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. He was a DJ and a member of the Cuba Disco award-winning rap group Golpe Seko, among other accomplishments. He is currently an audiovisual producer and a member of the ICAIC Audiovisual Creators Registry (RECAC). He has directed over 300 music videos, several as general manager, others as cinematographer and others as editor.

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