Jagbir Dahiya To Release Musical Melodies Under “Asian Records”

Entertainment has become an integral part of every person’s life. Recently, it has been observed that the producers attract with remarkable content for the viewers. Likewise, producer Jagbir Dahiya has started a new path with his latest music company ‘Asian Records’. Meanwhile, the producer was previously linked with Doordarshan for soap operas and shows for Doordarshan.

In the past, Jagbir Dahiya produced films like “Kuch Kariye” with Sukhwinder Singh and “The Journey of Karma” with Poonam Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor. A new anticipation awaits the producer, now delighted to offer musical melodies under his own label “Asian Records”. Dahiya has always been enchanted by movies and TV shows. Faced with the continuous increase in the growing music demand, he tends to delve into this industry.

This latest progression seems like a one-stop platform for all up-and-coming artists, musicians, lyricists, musicians, and other creative professionals. India has long been home to budding talents who are looking for a suitable platform to showcase their craftsmanship. Jagbir Dahiya’s music label will attract many new emerging talents to the country.

Expressing his thoughts, he said, “The industry is competitive. Every week there is a new artist and talent that audiences see on digital screens. Therefore, we promote deserving artists who need public promotion. Apart from his music company, the producer plans to set up a gigantic film studio in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. While things are still in the development stage, the film studio will provide various services like dubbing, mixing, editing, and DI.