This week, The Muny Stage appears with lots of gay people dressed in pink in their production of LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL. The show is filled with laughter as silly and absurd as the alliteration of the previous sentence. The Delta Nu sorority sisters are caricatures of giddy girls who serve as a “Greek” chorus serving puns to drive the plot forward. For this production, The Muny brought together a chorus of attractive young people with exceptional dancing skills to deliver the energetic and fun choreography of William Carlos Anglos.

Kyla Stone flaunts her Pepsodent smile with infectious wit and charm in her portrayal of Elle Woods. She uses clever comedic timing, teaming up with Fergie L. Phillipe (Emmett), Patti Murin (Paulette), Haley Podschun (Brooke), Kelsey Anne Brown (Margot), Gabi Campo (Serena) and Khailah Johnson (Pilar) for deliver funny bits that elicited tons of laughs out loud from the audience. Haley Podschun and the ensemble deliver a memorable dance routine as they jump rope in “Whipped into Shape.” The entire cast is fully engaged in their performances using their strong voices and confident presence to fill The Muny stage with infectious energy. Unfortunately, as with many movies adapted for musicals, the score this professional cast has to work with is sorely lacking.

The trend over the past decade and a half is to turn popular films into musicals and fill seats using a popular film’s built-in audience. Most film adaptations to the stage have poorly written and unmemorable scores to support the book which delivers the plot in carbon copy of the film on which the musical is based. This is exactly the case with LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL. In the entire show, there’s only one remotely memorable song and it’s the upbeat, gritty “Omigod You Guys” that opens and closes the show. As with most film-musical adaptations, the lack of a standout original score is the biggest problem with LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL.

This cast illustrates how exceptional talent can transcend poorly written material. Muny’s LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL is entertaining and fun thanks to the efforts of this hardworking cast of professional actors who go out of their way to provide their audiences with a pleasant evening at the theater.

Muny’s production of LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL runs through July 31. Visit for more information. To buy tickets, visit The Muny box office in Forest Park or