Lexington woman returns from mountain climbing in honor of her late husband


LEXINGTON (FOX 56 / WKYT) – A woman in Lexington has just returned from climbing Gold Star Peak, a mountain in Alaska named by a nonprofit group to honor families who have lost loved ones who died while they served our country.

Emily Chambers ascended in honor of her late husband, Marine Corporal Nich Dieruf, who died in Iraw in 2004.

She had planned to make the climb last year, but the trip was delayed due to COVID-19. Chambers said that although the climb was difficult, it was nothing compared to the sacrifices the military made.

“The climb was broken down into three phases,” she said. “Each phase had its level of difficulty for one reason or another. but it was easy to remember that it was nothing – shortness of breath, sweat, pain in the muscles – it was nothing compared to the grief of losing someone or the thought of what they had. crossed when he served our country.

Chambers says the timing of the trip made it even more meaningful due to the recent deaths of 13 U.S. service members in Afghanistan.

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