Malibu presents the all-new Wakesetter 25 LSV

For 2022, Malibu Boats introduced the all-new Malibu Wakesetter 25 LSV, the newest model in the world’s best-selling tug family.

The 25 LSV is the 25 foot flagship of the popular Luxury Sport V-Drive (LSV) range. Being the largest of the LSV family, it offers the most interior space, storage and ballast capacity, along with incredible wakes and waves. The 25 LSV is all new for 2022 from start to finish and is anything but standard with crisp new body lines and a higher freeboard for increased storage and ballast capacity as well as a drier ride on days. restless. In addition to this increased ballast capacity, standard L-shaped, quick-fill and drain rear ballast tanks will be full before you can gear up. And with more ballast, the 25 LSV’s legendary wakes and waves are better than ever. Even at its 25 foot size, the 25 LSV’s new hull is as agile as boats two or three feet smaller thanks to its weight balanced design and two tracking fins.

By customer request, the new 25 LSV features a Soft Grip padded cross member from the living room to the swim platform with small steps that take accessibility to a whole new level for kids and tired knees. Another innovation in accessibility comes in the form of available folding interior steps that make it easier to enter the boat from either side.

“Taking the best-selling 25-foot boat in the industry and revolutionizing it is no small feat,” Jack Springer, CEO of Malibu Boats, said in a press release. “A lot of people already know and love the 25 LSV, so we wanted to make sure we retain the iconic feel while providing our boaters with something with more luxury, world class performance and unmatched versatility.”

With seating for 18 and over 5,000 pounds of ballast available with the Power Wedge III, the 25 LSV has all the mass needed for the Wake Plus hull to cut pro-level wakes or waves. Power Wedge III is Malibu’s exclusive wake enhancement feature that allows you to customize wake and wave, changing it from steep to soft and anywhere in between. Power Wedge III also has a lift adjustment to get the boat off the ground quickly or to minimize wake for new riders.

The new 25 LSV is powered by an equally capable engine, the Malibu Monsoon M6Di. Malibu’s line of Monsoon direct injection engines offer more torque, better fuel economy, lower emissions and lower noise. If you want a sportier 25 LSV, upgrade to the supercharged Malibu Monsoon LT4 for even more power.

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