Misty Cine Films unveils Ayaan Khan’s Thodi Dair musical poster

Srinagar, January 05: Bollywood film and music production house Misty Cine Films on Wednesday unveiled their much-anticipated first preview poster for the upcoming “Thodi Dair” music video at the RK Sarovar Portico hotel here in Srinagar. The poster was also published simultaneously in Mumbai.

The Misty Cine Films have released the gripping story of the 2022 Romantic Love Anthem, which is sung by acclaimed Bollywood singer Ami Mishra and lyrics are written by Rashmi Viraj.

Ayaan Khan, who stars in the video while speaking to media staff on the occasion, said the MCF will establish the first drama academy of its kind in Srinagar to strengthen the talent of local youth. He said the “Thodi Dair” poster launching ceremony was part of the initiative to send a message to the outside world that Kashmir is going to revive Bollywood activities.

“It is an opportunity and a good message for the young people of J&K that we are going to revive the Bollywood business here,” Ayaan told reporters.

He said Bollywood activity is being observed outside of J&K but due to today’s launch ceremony we are using all possible efforts to bring Bollywood back to Kashmir.

He also said that MCF is keen to establish drama academies in Srinagar so that local talent has a platform to excel in Bollywood.

Notably in the recent past, MCF had also released a poster of a T-series music video “Phir Awoge”. “This is not our first effort, but in the past we have also unveiled a T-series music video, but we want to send a good message outside of J&K so that it allows for a viable atmosphere for them. Bollywood activities here, “Ayaan said and added,” Our effort will surely allow the local youth of J&K to show their talent in Bollywood. “

He said the young people of Valley are straying from the right path and the MCF is in touch with them to engage them in the mainstream.

Calling the criticism part of social media, the Ayaan Khan said that when you step up the line you will obviously face criticism, but that will not affect my enthusiasm for working for the betterment of the local youth. .

When asked how MCF would step up its efforts in the current unfavorable security situation in the valley, he said that when you want to hire local youth for a big project, the situation doesn’t matter much to you.

“I could have sat in Mumbai and have fun there, but no, I came to Srinagar with the intention of working for the betterment of young people,” he added.

Ayaan Khan, originally from downtown Srinagar, told reporters that during my childhood there was no drama academy or training that could have trained me to enter Bollywood, but I did not attend. rendered before the circumstances. I went to Dubai where I graduated from college.

Relevantly, MCF’s music video “Thodi Dair” will be released on January 19th.

When asked how he got the response from people, he replied, “Love begets love. People need honor, respect and love. If you like them, they will return the favor ”.

In a response, he said the incumbent LG-led administration was doing everything possible for the welfare of the local youth. “We are in talks with the government. LG Manoj Sinha assured me of his full support in this endeavor. I hope that a revolution will come soon to J&K, in which young people will be empowered, ”he said.

He said the MCF would soon step up its activities in Jammu and Srinagar to boost Bollywood activities. “There is nothing difficult for me. I will continue my efforts and I will not give up, ”he said.

He added that MCF will launch a drug detox campaign in Srinagar in the near future to make local youth understand that it will ruin their future and consume their lives badly. “I humbly call on the youth of the region to distance themselves from drugs. It will erase your life. Kashmir has a talent bank and an ocean of opportunities, so don’t lose it if you are inclined to take the wrong path, ”he said.

In addition, several dignitaries graced the event, including the Additional District Commissioner, Srinagar Qazi Sarwar, Bilal Ahmad, Sajad Ahmad and others.