Music Festival for the “True Legend”

A SPECIAL event is held in memory of a “true legend” who lived for his music.

Crocfest 22 is a music festival organized in tribute to Jake d’Alquen.

Jake, who lived in Pickering, died of Covid in December last year, aged just 34.

He left behind two daughters aged 12 and 10 and unknown to Jake at the time of his death, his girlfriend, Elisha, was also pregnant with another baby girl.

All the money earned will go into a fund for the future of her daughters.

Jake’s friend Mark Norton said: “Jake hasn’t seen the world. He heard it. He spent most weekends throughout his life playing live music in a multitude of bands – Chu Ma Shu, which he started in his early teens, his father’s band ‘The Apathy Trio’, which he also joined in his early teens and through mid-2021, his acoustic duo ‘Acoustic Brew’ with myself – and many more along the way.

Mark added: “Jake brought happiness – and often escapism – to tens of thousands of music lovers across the county during his short time on the planet. We want to celebrate this and bring some happiness once again by remembering all he did and all he was.

“A music festival therefore seemed a natural choice. All proceeds from the festival will go into a fund for her daughters, to give girls more opportunities in life that they might have otherwise missed.

Raised in Pickering, Jake attended Lady Lumley School and his first and foremost passion was music.

Jake and his classmates played in his father’s band Apathy Trio before forming Chu Ma Shu with his younger brother Max.

The band became one of the most popular bands on the local circuit with their series of mostly rock covers from Queen to AC/DC.

Shortly after Jake’s death, his friends took it upon themselves to set up a fundraising page, with the initial aim of raising £2,000 to help support Jake’s young family following the tragic event. .

The fund has so far raised over £14,000 with events such as D’Alquen Day in March.

Friends Shannon and James Hobbs of Disciple 13 Tattoo Studio in Pickering teamed up with Em Hodgson of The Balance Rooms to organize the charity day, raising £1,880, with every penny going to Jake’s daughters.

The Crocfest 22 music festival will take place on Saturday, June 18 at Spencer’s Bar & Grill in Pickering.

Mark added: “The name ‘CrocFest’ is a playful jab at Jake’s horrible fashion sense. His trademark was wearing Crocs with socks, to almost every gig he played as a musician.

“We are in the process of obtaining financial advice to ensure that Jake’s family gets the most out of this fund.

“Jake was a central figure in a large network of musicians and others who work in the live entertainment industries, so we hope to be able to organize various events in order to continue to support Jake’s family in the future and do this we can to soften the toughest blows.

“For those unable to enter the event, we are running a raffle which currently has almost £2,000 in prizes.”

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