Musical Mystery Tour 2022 scheduled for Hertford in August

7:00 p.m. July 25, 2022

After an enforced break, next month will see the long-awaited return of the Musical Mystery Tour around Hertford.

The one-day festival is back with a vengeance after its Covid break and will return on Sunday August 28.

As always, visitors can expect live music from hundreds of musicians at dozens of venues across the county town, from lunchtime to bedtime.

From rock, indie and punk to folk and funk, ska and reggae to classical and jazz, the free festival caters to most tastes, with musicians playing in more than 30 pubs and public buildings dotted around the city, including the Corn Exchange.

The organizers received more than 150 applications from artists to participate.

The closing date for artist applications is July 31.

Launch of the Hertford Music Festival Musical Mystery Tour. Pictured are Tim Voss (HMF), Amy Jay (HMF), James Kelly (Real McKoys), Kylee McKoy (Real McKoys), Ant Pinnell (Real McKoys), Edd Littler (Real McKoys), Conor Walker, Kev Saunders ( HMF Co-Chair), Adam Fearn, Saya (DJ), Andy Merrifield (Trojan Horses), Bill Clarke (Trojan Horses), Tom McMullen (McMullens), Jon Excel (Trojan Horses & The SGs) and Rob Guinn (HMF Co-Chair) .
– Credit: Hertford Music Festival

The official launch event was held at the Rivertown Beer and Music Festival at McMullen’s Brewery Yard in June.

“There are several reasons why we chose the Rivertown Beer and Music Festival as the venue for this year’s kick-off photo,” said Hertford Music Festival (HMF) co-chairman Kev Saunders, who was in charge of bookings. of artists and the staging of the show.

“First of all, although not yet confirmed, everyone I have booked for the show are veteran Musical Mystery Tour artists who are almost certain to perform again this year.

“Secondly, we are delighted that Hertford Brewery Yard is participating for the first time as a venue – after the ‘rain stopped playing’ a few years ago – and finally because Rivertown Brewing is this year’s title sponsor. !”

Co-Chair Rob Guinn added, “We are extremely grateful for the support from Rivertown Brewing.

“They’ve been there for us through the extremely lean years of lockdown and now once again they’re right behind us as we flex our musical muscles again.”

Tom McMullen, of the festival’s main sponsor, said: “As we seemingly bounce from crisis to crisis, we need events like the Mystery Music Tour to remind us that there are things in life that make us happy.

“Rivertown Brewery is thrilled to support a local team that works tirelessly to put smiles on people’s faces.”

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