Naples entrepreneurs make barnacle-free promise to boaters


Barnacles are the bane of boaters, forcing owners to put their boats aside for paint jobs several times a year.

But a group of Neapolitan contractors are promising that you’ll never have to take your boat out to scratch and dry-dock the hull again because of the pesky shellfish. Pelican Coatings’ specially formulated patented ceramic-based coating uses technology commonly used in the automotive industry to protect vehicle paint, which can be used on boats to prevent barnacles, salt water and algae damage the hull with routine preventative cleaning.

In fact, Mark Archambault and Jon Keene, the entrepreneurs who founded Pelican Coatings in 2019, combined, have spent decades in the automotive industry. When moving to Naples, Keene realized that similar and improved coating technology could be applied to boats to protect the hull more effectively than the commonly used basecoat.

“We’re the only company in the world to offer a lifetime warranty on a hull,” says Keene, whose promise is backed by insurance.

What sets Pelican Coatings’ ceramic formulation above the rest is its hardness rating. Scientists measure hardness on a scale of 1 to 10, with glass at 5 and a diamond at 10. Pelican’s coating is rated 9 by Atlas Material Testing in Chicago – the gold standard for hardness testing – which showed no failure after simulating 1,750 hours or more than seven years of exposure. This extra strong and hard coating provides reliable protection of a boat’s hull without damage.

The founders of Pelican Coatings have spent the past two years and invested over $ 100,000 researching and testing their unique coating material and obtaining insurance to back the product. So far, the company has applied the coating to more than 50 boats ranging in size from 20 to 90 feet. The ultimate test, they said, was the successful application of a coating on a 40-foot, 50-year-old commercial fishing vessel.

Mr. Keene says it costs boaters an average of $ 9,000 a year to pull a boat out of the water three times a year, scratch and paint the hull. He estimates boaters will save at least 30% after applying Pelican Coatings and paying a diver to perform a routine sponge scrub in the water.

A certified team takes care of the coating application. Currently, Pelican Coatings sells its services directly to boaters in Florida. Coating can also be applied above the waterline on engines, trim tabs and railings to prevent fading and maintain shine.

Pelican Coatings is currently available to boaters in Florida with the ambition to expand to other states. The company also sells a similar protective coating for automobiles, recreational vehicles, scooters and motorcycles.

For more information on Pelican Coatings, visit or call 239-610-1202. ¦

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