New musical TINSELTOWN TIPTOE to get a staged reading in Los Angles

Producer Christine Russell (Head Over Heels, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical) will present a private reading of the new musical TINSELTOWN TIPTOE on Friday, May 20 in Los Angeles.

The reading of the new musical will feature direction and choreography by Emmy-nominated Spencer Liff, book by Nicholas Coster, music and lyrics by Heather Reid and orchestrations by Tony Award winner Tom Kitt and the Grammy Award winner Steve Sidwell.

TINSELTOWN TIPTOE is set in fictional 1950s Hollywood. The old studio system is in tatters and television takes over. In 1950 there were 3 million television owners in the United States, by the end of the 1950s that number had risen to 50 million. Former movie studios have seen their profits plummet as they struggle to catch up and capitalize on this new media sensation. Talent, old and new, has been repurposed for television. Writers churned out westerns, crime dramas, game shows and comedies, desperately trying to fill the airwaves and attract advertisers. Actors who had barely made their mark on the silver screen were now a sought-after commodity. With the glut of celebrities came the scandal sheets. Tabloids and magazines have fed America’s inexhaustible appetite for gossip; the more sinister and explicit, the better. Hollywood, plagued by illicit drugs and gay sex, was the perfect hunting ground. Careers have been ruined and lives lost with the stroke of a pen.

In this context, we meet Dora Gentry and Clifford Stone on the set of Dora’s variety TV show. Dora struggles to escape the man who controls her career, studio head Mason Blackwell. Clifford is a rising star with the world at his feet, until the world finds out his secret. With their family reunited, they fight to control their own destiny and find true happiness.

The cast of the May 20 reading will include Rena Strober as Dora, Peter Porte as Clifford, Erica Hanrahan as Suzy, Fatima El Bashir as May, Patrick Michael Ortiz as Mark, Clayton Farris as Keith, Greg North as Mason, Julia Aks as Imogene , and Parissa Helen Koo, Paige Berkovitz, Luis Anduaga and Michael Thomas Grant as a whole.