New petition alleges ‘plot to blame’ Paul Murdaugh in fatal boating accident

HAMPTON, SC (WCBD) – A Petition for Filing / Summons Duces Tecum filed on July 7 on behalf of Connor Cook seeks exculpatory evidence in what the petition alleges is a “conspiracy to hijack criminal investigation” into a fatal boating accident “away from and to move away from Paul Murdaugh, now deceased mistakenly attention to ”Cook.

Cook was one of six teenagers on board in a boating accident on February 23, 2019 that resulted in the death of Mallory Beach. Prior to his death, Paul Murdaugh faced several charges of navigation under the influence.

Now Cook believes he is the victim of a “‘campaign’ to cover the lines of investigation and spread false information,” claiming that he – not Murdaugh – was the boat’s operator at the time of the incident. accident, and is therefore responsible for it.

Reports gathered during the investigation revealed what the petition claims to be “the failure to conduct a proper investigation … as well as other irregularities in the investigation”, including “the loss of evidence which may exonerate the petitioner. Cook and potentially inculpatory as regards Paul Murdaugh ”.

The Murdaugh family has significant reach not only in the small rural area in which they live, but also in the law enforcement and judicial systems of the region, with generations of the family having served as lawyers and others. as eminent advocates.

According to the document, some law enforcement officials involved in the case “through their official positions with their respective law enforcement agencies, along with unidentified others, may have information. on collusion and / or a civil conspiracy to throw responsibility for the boat accident away from Paul Murdaugh by wrongly shifting attention to [Cook]. “

Cook alleges that depositions and phone records from some law enforcement officials involved in the case are necessary to “confirm or refute the evidence” of the conspiracy.

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