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ERIC NEWMAN Editor-in-Chief of Sun Sports

Volleyballs flew throughout the Rolle Activity Center on Friday morning as dozens of Southwestern high school volleyball players gathered in the gymnasium to hone their skills at one of the camps. northern Arizona volleyball this summer.

Loggers’ volleyball coach Ken Murphy welcomed the group of advanced high school players to facilities in northern Arizona to help them improve their games and get a little taste of what it might look like gambling at the college level.

Having done camps in different ways since taking over as coach years ago, Murphy said it was “incredibly rewarding” to see the development of high school players, even in just three days of training. ‘training.

“You kind of forget. They come with so much enthusiasm to learn, so much enthusiasm to be at NAU and around our players. Their faces light up when they walk into the gym and then you see some kids get a lot better in a matter of days, ”Murphy said.

At the start of each exercise, Murphy would focus on a particular shot or sequence that he wanted to see pierced for several minutes. Then the girls broke into small groups to work on the basics of what he was asking for.

It wasn’t just Murphy and the coaching staff who led the high school players in the drills. Players in the northern Arizona roster – many of whom are already in Flagstaff for captain-led training – have offered advice or constructive criticism on the form. Even more, Murphy said the college players serve as role models for the campers. These are examples of what the improvement could lead to if high school players take into account the training they are receiving.

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