Quinton Spain framed Jackson Carman after he was overweight at camp

Veteran full-back Quinton Spain continues to enjoy a well-ranked season with the Cincinnati Bengals this year in his first year as a full-time left-back starter.

And he also plays key mentoring roles for some of the younger ones.

Spain, who joined the team last year and had to take snaps when they were completely unprepared for their first week with the team, say they have taken Jackson Carman under their wing this summer after the second-round rookie came to camp overweight, according to Geoff Hobson of the Bengals .com:

“When he got overweight, that’s when I had to talk to him. I had this problem also when I left college because it was difficult for me to find my way. I told him, ‘Brother, I’ve been through everything you go through. At the end of the day, you were drafted, I wasn’t drafted. You have a chance. I was not lucky. I had to win this. I was just giving him things I learned about the NFL, that’s all.

So not only are Spain a 30-year veteran in the midst of a breakout and possibly considering an extension for the Bengals, but he’s a pretty good example of the kind of leader and culture builder the team want. in the locker room.

And in a way, if Carman maintains his current upward trajectory by the week, Spain could technically be responsible for two improvements in the attacking trenches this year.

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