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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – A new Saratoga Lake – Let’s Go Boating exhibit is now open at the Children’s Museum in Saratoga thanks to a partnership with Freedom Boat Club Lake George.

The interactive, kid-friendly, colorful and immersive boating and fishing exhibit, which made its official debut this week, is designed to help young children use play to enhance their social and emotional development, as well. than to learn to communicate, observe and solve problems. resolve with each other as they work their way through the exhibit.

The lake exhibit joins longtime favorite museums like the theater, wagon, fire truck, restaurant, grocery store, bandstand and stable.

The exhibit offers children the opportunity to take a boat ride fueled by their imagination while learning about different animals and plants in their natural habitat.

To further enhance the educational value of the exhibit, there are additional interactive elements that visitors can engage with as they experience life on the lake.

The Lake Saratoga exhibit features a refurbished rowboat using a salvaged steering wheel and throttle control, an interactive tying panel featuring four common navigation knots, an interactive fishing game, and a life jacket station.

The owners of the Freedom Boat Club, Matt and Rebecca O’Hara, have been members of the museum for several years and presented the idea to museum staff last year.

“We are frequent visitors to the Museum with our 5 and 3 year old daughters; we saw the joy they get from interacting with the steering wheels and controls of our club boats, we thought it would be great to improve the interactivity of the boat display at the museum, ”Rebecca said in a commentary. Press release. “We were delighted when Sarah and her museum team were open to working with us to not only add the boat controls, but also to dramatically improve the space with the fishing and knotting panels.”

The couple also believe that the exhibit and future programming designed around it will allow visitors to have a more hands-on experience of the joys of boating, the value of boat safety and the importance of know and respect the ecosystems around the region. some lakes.

“We strongly believe that time spent boating as a family is one of the best quality times we have with our children and we want to continue to make boating more accessible in the area,” added Matt.

In April, the museum reopened to in-person visitors. Since that time, hundreds of kids have visited and interacted with Lake Saratoga – Let’s Go Boating. While ‘driving’ the boat itself is a favorite among visitors, the new interactive fishing exhibit is extremely popular with visitors of all ages.

Looking ahead, the Saratoga Children’s Museum recently announced plans to move to the Lincoln Baths building in Saratoga Spa State Park.

“The changes to this exhibit provide visitors with a glimpse of what lies ahead for the future of the Museum,” Executive Director Sarah Smith said in the release. “Many of the museum’s most beloved exhibits will be transformed when the museum reopens in its new location in Saratoga State Park.”

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