Steven Spielberg Confirms ‘West Side Story’ Will Be His Only Musical

Steven Spielberg revisited an adventurous archaeologist with a whip, dinosaurs on the loose, and even made repeated visits to World War II, but the legendary director just said he won’t be making a musical anymore.

The worst day of West Side Story shooting was the last day, because I knew I wouldn’t be directing another musical.

Spielberg commented on his 2021 creative work at a Producers Guild of America awards nominees breakfast on Saturday. While the passion project he’s wanted to do since he was 10 flopped at the box office, it hasn’t closed the door on producing more music content for theaters. His production company Amblin Entertainment is working on a new version of The purple color and Spielberg also mentioned a surreal moment when he got the blessing of the late Stephen Sondheim to adapt the lyrics from his acclaimed play.

[His two dogs kept] sniffing my crotch, [but I didn’t dare shoo them away.] So, I endured these beautiful animals for a while.

Such patience hasn’t led to profits, but has resulted in accolades for a well-made film, as its Oscar nominations show. In our review, we gave it 4.5 stars and said it was “an explosive reminder that life and love are gifts worth celebrating” and, although the piece was adapted previously, the new version is “reimagined in a breathtaking new way. as if you were watching a completely different movie.

West Side Story is available to stream now on HBO Max.