THE MUSIC premieres at the Orlando Fringe

Enthrallment: The Musical will premiere at the Orlando Fringe Festival, featuring well-known local artists as well as a few new faces, bringing this dark musical to life. The Orlando International Fringe Festival has long been known for its cutting-edge and original theater productions, and this year was no exception. With an all-original score, Enthrallment: The Musical brings together the best elements of traditional vampire history associated with music, dark comedy, camp, horror and love.

Set in 18th century England, Enthrallment: The Musical is the darkly comic tale of four cursed individuals caught up in a vampire’s nightmare that brings them to a most dodgy brothel to battle Dracula. With singing vampires, angry wives, bawdy women and uptight men, Enthrallment: The Musical will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense and laughter at the extravagant events that await the cast.

“When I was presented with the script for Enthrallment: The Musical, I was first fascinated by the macabre and comedic nature of the story. When I heard the music, I was completely taken aback. okay. It’s the kind of script that could land on your desk once in a lifetime,” says director Terri Giannoutsos. “It’s the best cast I’ve had the privilege of working with, and we’re so can’t wait to fill the Orange Venue at the Orlando Fringe Festival.”

Passion: The Musical will be performed at the Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre) at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Loch Haven Park.

Performance times:

05/18/22, 7:30 PM EST

05/19/22, 6:15 PM EST

05/21/22, 5:45 PM EST

05/22/22, 1:30 PM EST

05/24/22, 8:45 PM EST

05/27/22, 9:45 PM EST

05/29/22, 8:45 PM EST


Dorian: Paris
Dracula: Janine Papin
Renfield: Jonathan Barreto
LarkinJon Burke
Baxter: Kat Akers
Olivia: Melina Smart
EdwinaBeth Hall
Victoria: Scarlet Barreto
Mauritius: Brian Nidever
Madame Rose: Elisabeth Nidever
Lily: Yinelly Arnold
Henrietta: Elle Grant
Mary: Maia Goldstone
Maria: Emma McConnell
Violet: Khrysti Hunsworth
Jenny: Debbie Susman

For box office information before May 16, please contact the Orlando Fringe box office at [email protected]

Media inquiries should be directed to The Small Marketing Agency at 321-689-3335 or [email protected]

Enthrallment: The Musical is reserved for an informed public. The production has limited violence and gore, as well as moments of riotous laughter.