The musical ‘Newsies’ in Broadneck will encourage audiences to seize the day

By Zach Sparks l [email protected]

For years they delivered the newspapers. Now they are about to make headlines.

The talented students of Broadneck High School will star as a dedicated group of newsboys when the school presents its spring musical, Disney’s “Newsies,” May 12-14.

The story features Jack Kelly, a charismatic leader of New York teenagers who go on strike after distribution prices are raised at the expense of newsboys. Based on the 1992 Broadway musical and film, “Newsies” features a Tony Award-winning score from Alan Menken and Jack Feldman.

Bringing the show to life is a cast of experienced actors.

Keely Sigler portrays Davey, a girl instead of a boy in the Broadneck version of the series. Prior to this role, she starred in “Children of Eden,” “Into the Woods,” “Aladdin,” and Broadneck’s 2021 fall musical, “White Christmas.”

“I wanted to audition because it’s a great cast and ensemble show, a great community show, and my last performance in high school,” said Keely, a senior. “In ‘White Christmas,’ my role was Rhoda, a very silly and funny relief character with no vocals. It was a different challenge.

“Newsies” also offered fun challenges for junior Andy Rollins, a former star of the Children’s Theater of Annapolis who starred in “Beauty and the Beast,” “Peter Pan” and “Tarzan.” In “Newsies”, he plays the main role of Jack.

“For Jack, I looked at other people, like Christian Bale in the movie and Jeremy [Jordan] in the Broadway show, seeing their mannerisms and how they played the character,” Andy said. “I also practiced a New York accent for about a week.”

Self-proclaimed method actress, sophomore Mia Novak has taken her prep to another level to prepare for her role as Katherine.

“Katherine is an independent woman and she smiles a lot. I’ve smiled at people and they think I’m crazy,” she joked.

Mia performed in theater in college and in the community. She was the beloved orphan in “Annie,” Cinderella, Ariel in “The Little Mermaid,” and Martha Watson in the fall musical “White Christmas.” She’s also gearing up for a role in “Happy Days” at the Pasadena Theater Company in July.

“Singing was really out of my reach, but I’m getting there,” she said, a week before ‘Newsies’ premiered.

The three cast members are excited to show off their vocal talents, including “Once and For All” and “King of New York,” which will feature talented tap dancers.

“For me, ‘Santa Fe’ is known as one of the hardest songs to sing in theatre,” Andy added. “I figured out how to hit the notes and it was a huge challenge.”

The cast also includes Cole German as Les, Natalie Smith as Crutchie, Blake Martin as Joseph, Gabriella Mills as Medda, and the following newcomers: Caleb Rigsby, Kate Pass, Kailey Pritchard, Mackenzie Currie, Neal O’Shea, Michael O’Shea , Emma Titgemeyer, Erica Herdrich, Katie Thayer, Cate Weiss, Abby Conlon and Kiersten Frey.

The show promises to entertain while sharing a positive message with the audience.

“With power, energy and will, people can achieve anything they want,” Keely said. “I hope they feel inspired and ready to seize the day.”

Sessions are May 12 and 13 at 7:00 p.m. and May 14 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $14 for adults. Buy your tickets at