The ‘Outer Banks’ favorite to star in a new musical feature

External banks star Chase Stokes just landed a big movie role. He will play in The music brought me here, a film based on the story of Tom Sweitzer, a Virginia high school music teacher. Irwin Winkler, Oscar-winning producer of Rockyco-wrote the screenplay.

Music Got Me Here will focus on Sweitzer’s connection to a former student, Forrest Allen, who is left in a coma after a snowboarding accident. Sweitzer became Allen’s only hope for recovery after the young man’s family asked Sweitzer to help him with music therapy. They hope he can join their son. The story has already been told in Documentary of the same name by Susan Koch. Stokes will play Allen.

“It is very rare for a story like this to happen,” director Gurinder Chadha said in a statement to Deadline. “Based on real events, I was captivated by the script and documentary of Forrest and Tom’s journey and how powerful the love of a family can be to change things. Chase Stokes is an exciting young actor who I believe has the vulnerability and emotion to convey the true depths of human despair and the exhilarating heights of relief and happiness explored by the film. Add the incredible power of music and an inspiring soundtrack and you have a film that I think will touch people all over the world.

Music Got Me Here was written by Winkler with Jose Ruisanchez. Winkler will produce with Jon Levin and Alexandra Milchan. Chadha earned a BAFTA nomination in 2003 for directing and co-writing play it like Beckham. Chadha recently made another film about the power of music, Blinded by the lightwhich tells the story of an Anglo-Pakistani student whose life changes after discovering the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Stokes, 29, is a Netflix favorite. He started his career with an episode of stranger things in 2016 and now has a starring role in the streamer’s hit series External banks. He plays John B. Routledge, the leader of the working class Pogues. The second season of the show was released in July 2021, and a third season is in development. Stokes “embodies the fierceness and humor that lives in my heart and the spirit that has helped me never lose hope,” Allen said. Deadline.