TikTok Video Shows Sydney Boys Climbing Rhodes Construction Site

Frightening images have surfaced of a group of daredevils climbing without safety harnesses to the top of construction scaffolding in Sydney.

At least six boys climbed the high-rise structure in Rhodes, in the city’s center-west, apparently risking their lives for a photoshoot.

The dangerous stunt reportedly took place around four months ago, with the day’s video uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday.

While the identities of the individuals were unknown, the mysterious photographer turned out to have a long history of filming himself in dangerous situations.

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Of more than 41,000 people who viewed his video, nearly 200 commented and many expressed deep concern over the group’s conduct.

“Why? Everything to create content? You won’t be able to see how many likes you have in your coffin,” one person wrote.

“Have you ever thought about what you would do to your family if you fell?” Stupid and selfish, ”someone else said.

TikTok users question the authenticity of the clip

Many were in disbelief at what they were watching, wondering if the pictures were even real.

“I’m sorry, is this real? What are those idiots doing up there? one person wrote.

Responding to a mortified commentator, the user explained his motivation for risking his life.

“It’s a way of bringing shock to photography and videography,” he said.

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Another pointed out that if he made the wrong move, he would almost certainly die.

“Do you really want to risk your life like this just for the sake of art?” Surely there is another type of art you could do where you don’t have to die in the process, ”they wrote.

Daredevil rejected their point of view, saying “the risk of death is extremely low.”

“Even then, it’s worth it. I wake up every morning without regret, ”he said.

Daredevil defends a dangerous act

In a separate response to another concerned viewer, he argued that “anyone who is serious about this stuff knows the risks and knows their limits.”

Someone else said that such content is an easy way to “show the world you’re a gronk”.

Even more concerning was how some of his viewers seemed to be encouraged by his silly behavior, with a handful saying they wanted to try something similar as well.

The creator of the video used the tag “urbex”, which is an abbreviation of “urban exploration” – generally used to describe the exploration of man-made structures.

NSW Police said the incident had not been reported, but “officers strongly discourage this type of risky behavior.”

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