Unruly youngsters criticized for throwing glass at bowling alley – Saddleworth Independent

THE antisocial behavior of a group of young people who watered a glass ball field was condemned by a member of the club.

Rita Vaughan says she is “absolutely disgusted” by the thoughtless actions of the irresponsible youngsters who have plagued the Friezland Bowling Club in Greenfield for the past 12 months.

During the lockdown, the teens, who brazenly cycled through the greens, had to be told to leave the private club grounds.

In this latest act of vandalism, the club’s patio was littered with garbage, including broken plastic and glass bottles. Part of the glass was strewn over the immaculate lawn.

“Myself and another member, David Hulme, are both team members in various Tameside and Oldham leagues,” said Rita.

“The entire 2020 crown bowling green season has been canceled due to Covid restrictions, but social games have just been allowed to resume.

“After a winter of social isolation indoors, we were extremely happy to be out in the bright sunshine and, along with two other couples, enjoyed our first games on the green.

“Imagine our horror when we returned to the club the next morning and found that some kids had been drinking alcohol and left all of their debris behind.

“I am absolutely disgusted by these young people. There were empty cans, broken glass bottles, and plastic garbage on the patio, and the green was littered with broken glass, chewing gum, and pieces of broken bench.

“It is obviously the work of underage adolescents; adults wouldn’t do that.

• In separate acts of vandalism, offenders removed and then attempted to set fire to a blue garbage can on the Pennine Highway in Greenfield.

Residents report hearing loud explosions as the culprits attempted to light the trash can with spray cans.

Irresponsible teens have also been convicted of anti-social behavior, including the nightly commotion in Greenfield Park. Disgusted parents and grandparents had to remove broken beer bottles from the popular playground before allowing children access to the equipment.

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