VIRAL VIDEO: “Karma hits boaters” after alleged harassment on the lake

LAKE MOSES, Wash. (BRPROUD) – A family day of tubing, swimming and listening to music turned dramatic on a lake over the weekend.

On Sunday, May 30, a family of four and an emotional support dog were on Lake Moses in Washington when an incident unfolded which has since gone viral.

Robbie was a passenger on a boat with his brother, his girlfriend and his brother’s partner.

At around 7pm, Robbie’s brother (@uhohbigboi) filmed videos which have been viewed approximately 13.5 million times.

Robbie describes how the events unfolded on the lake as follows:

We had taken our boat around the Blue Heron Park area. Our boat, as usual, sported my personal rainbow flag at one of my first pride events. Along with a Trans Pride Flag and a new addition, our Progress Pride Flag which features stripes supporting people of color and trans people. My brother had also displayed his own smaller rainbow flag at his first pride event.

The four had just finished the casing when they noticed a boat heading towards them.

“The boat approached quickly and due to our music and their boat engine, I personally only heard the passenger shout something unintelligible and witnessed what I first said. supposed to be her knocking us over as they passed, “according to Robbie.

A second pass was made by the other boat and the term “gays” was reportedly used by the occupants.

More passes followed and Robbie said boaters were shouting words like “gay” and other teasing.

Robbie’s brother mentioned that “they do this to humiliate us. They cause waves that rock us back and forth and we can’t say anything or they will keep doing it.

After several passages, the boat left the area, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.

In a few moments, a strong flashback and spitting were heard from the boat which had just left the scene.

Black smoke was seen rising from the boat and after trying to restart the boat an explosion occurred which caused the operator of Robbie’s boat to say “Holy shit!” They exploded!

The operator of Robbie’s boat immediately went to rescue the boaters now in the water.

A passenger shouted: “HELP US!” WE’RE BURNING, ”says Robbie.

A rescue ensued which took place a few meters from the still burning boat.

After leaving the scene of the fire, 911 was called and a police boat pulled up to make sure everyone was okay.

Robbie said: “All 3 passengers appeared to have burnt faces, arms and legs, but eventually everyone admitted that they did not need immediate medical attention.”

The boat fire was extinguished and the rescued boaters were taken to their friend’s boat.

Robbie recounts what happened on the way to the boat in his words:

We stayed for us most of the time as our driver tried to calm the passenger down and have them delivered to their friends who they insisted we take them. The passengers were quite rude, yelling at us, ignoring my questions about their welfare when calling 911 and smoking a vape pen on our boat without even asking if they could; several passengers on our boat suffer from asthma. The driver of the other boat didn’t say much but just sat in the back of the boat, gazing into the water while shaking his head to himself.

Robbie says no one said thank you as they got off the boat.

The group then viewed the videos and concluded that they appeared to show the other passengers on the boat “directly harassing us just for displaying our LGBTQ pride flags.”

Grant County Sheriff’s Office responds after watching the viral video.

GCSO issued this statement regarding the incident:

The incident appears to show a blue vessel circling another vessel, and an occupant of the blue vessel holding out a middle finger towards the person recording the incident. The video also shows the blue vessel on fire and the occupants of the blue vessel swimming towards the vessel recording the incident.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing and more information will be provided if available.

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