Weekend Showcase: “Little Women: the Broadway Musical” “Tug on the Heartstrings”

4:05 p.m. | Friday, March 25, 2022

Community theater based at the Family of God Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park presents “Little Women: the Broadway Musical” with performances starting April 7.

Admission is by donation, with proceeds going to Brooklyn Avenues for Homeless Youth. The cast say the show, which is based on Louisa May Alcott’s book, will “tear a chord”.

“At the heart of it is the same story and it will always strike the chords of people who love the book as well,” said Allie Kroehler, who plays Jo March. “People should come because the show is so much fun. You can see people doing what they love, telling a story they love and many others will love too.

The cast of “Little Women: the Broadway Musical” at Family of God Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park

Mia Okraygrubac plays Amy March and is happy to be back on stage.

“It’s not too sad, it’s not too nervous. I honestly think it was the perfect game to come back to after a few years,” Okraygrubac said. “It was a bit stressful at first because I haven’t played in a while due to COVID, but it’s great to be back.”

Director Jack Strub is also happy to be back. He grew up in the community theater which is next to the church. He calls this a “full loop moment”.

“Honestly, it’s been a fun process,” Strub said. “The cast was very tight-knit.”

The tight cast is what makes the show fun to watch.

“It’s a typical old story of a family growing up in the Civil War era. There’s nothing funny about that,” Strub said. “But we found the humor and fun through the rehearsals and the relationships the sisters have offstage. I think brotherhood carries over to the stage.

The show features a cast of 20, which includes an orchestra. You can find out more on the Facebook page or the Family of God website.

There will even be a livestream of the event here.

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