“What an experience:” Grandfather and grandson embark on a 6,000 mile nautical adventure

Boaters can travel the 6,000-mile Great Loop, a trip that circles the eastern part of the United States and Canada. It travels up the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, crosses the canals of New York State, heads to the Great Lakes, descends the interior river system, crosses the Gulf of Mexico, and circles the southern tip of Florida.

Typically, it takes about eight months for boaters – or loopers – to come full circle.

For 30 years, Bill Faw dreamed of coming full circle, but it wasn’t until his grandson, Peyton Faw, said he would do it with him that it became a reality.

“I have dreamed of doing the Loop for over 30 years. In September 2020, I sold my house and bought a boat. After living on board and cruising from Beaufort, NC, to Scottsboro, Alabama, and then along the Tennessee River, I was ready for the loop. said Bill. “My grandson Peyton agreed to take the trip with me and at the age of 79, ‘Miss Mary’, Peyton and I made the 6000 mile trip with round trips to Lake Champlain and Nashville. . “

“Miss Mary”, named after Bill’s late wife, is an 84 Monk 36 trawler, often referred to as a “cruise cruiser”. Peyton said the boat could only go about seven knots, or about eight miles an hour.

“The boat goes pretty slow, but you almost want it like that,” Peyton said. “Then you can stop and take in the view. “

In early 2020, Peyton spent spring break away from Georgia College & State University with his cruising grandfather and cultivated a fondness for the trawler and water lanes.

In late 2020, Bill said Peyton asked if they could sail the loop together after graduating from college in May 2021. So Bill began to descend the inland river system on February 1 to pick up Peyton in Brunswick, where they continued the journey.

While most Loopers complete the trip in about a year, Bill and Peyton finished in seven, stopping at famous towns and landmarks along the way.

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